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Ice Cream Scoop & Stack

Ice Cream Scoop & Stack

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With the Cuisipro's Ice Cream Scoop & Stack you can create beautiful towering double, triple and quadruple scoop desserts. The Scoop and Stack changes the look and shape of ice cream scooping with a unique cylindrical shape that is reminiscent of classic ice cream scoops.

The scoop features a tough stainless steel rim around the bottom which scoops easily through all varieties of ice cream. Place the Scoop & Stack on top of an ice cream cone and release the perfectly shaped scoop of ice cream by depressing the button-plunger at the bottom of the silicone handle and voila you have an impressive looking dessert. The ergonomic scooper cuts through the hardest ice cream with a simple twist and lift action.

The Scoop and Stack Ice Cream Scoop is a colorful and bright idea from Cuisipro that makes serving up ice cream a little more fun and a little sweeter.

Don't wait for ice cream to soften anymore and always be ready to make beautiful plated ice cream presentations.

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