Hot Sauce Making Kit

  • $39.95

Make your own blend of hot sauce.  Be creative and adventurous with this fun hot sauce making kit you can make your own blend of spicy sauces.  Gift them to your friends and family members and impress them with your culinary skills.  Everyone loves hot sauce and now you can put your spin on it.  This is a fun project to complete with friends and family or by yourself for spicy food lovers.  The kit comes with everything you will need to make hot sauce including Chipotle, Arbol and Guajillo Peppers.  Kit also includes: Spice pack including Cayenne, Ancho, Curry, and Chili New Mexico powders, Brown sugar, Guajillo, Chipotle, and Arbol peppers, Apple cider and white vinegar, 6 bottles with lid and dashers, 6 customizable labels, Funnel, Gloves, Cleanser and instructions.  Choose from six delicious recipes to make such as a classic Louisiana Hot Sauce Recipe to a smoky Chipotle Hot Sauce Recipe.  Unique and creative gift for him.  

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