Hot Sauce Challenge

  • $25.95

Attention hot sauce lovers! This is your dream come true. Can you make it through all 12 bottles of crazy hot sauce in this Hot Sauce Challenge? We challenge you! The 12 bottles of sauce come in an awesome book type box making it the perfect gift idea for chilli lovers.

The 12 chilli challenge bottles included are: Bacon Hot Sauce, Chilli Lime Hot Sauce, Sriracha Hot Sauce, Cajun Hot Sauce, Original Hot Sauce, Wasabi Hot Sauce, Roasted Garlic Hot Sauce, Habanero Hot Sauce From Hell, Devils Revenge, Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce, Blaster Hot Sauce and our personal favorite, Spontaneous Combustion Hot Sauce.

Challenge yourself or a friend to make it through all 12 bottles of hot sauce. Also contains a ‘tick list’ so you can mark off each bottle challenge you complete.


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