Go Comb Wallet Comb and Bottle Opener

  • $15.99

The incredible Go Comb Wallet Comb and Bottle Opener fits perfectly into your wallet and can be carried anywhere with you.  Whip it out anytime you need to open a bottle of emergency beer or to fix your hair.

The Go-Comb is a modern grooming accessory designed to travel with you for when you need it. The bottle opener Go-Comb is just 1mm thin. That's barely more than a standard credit card. It may be the thinnest bottle opener ever! The solid design prevents the comb from ever bending and has a sturdy feel in your hand.

Can also be used as a beard comb or mustache comb. Precision-crafted from high grade stainless steel and coated in a smooth and durable protective clear finish - it glides through hair, feels great on the scalp, will never rust or corrode, and is easy to clean with a quick rinse.

Keep it in your wallet & never lose your pocket comb again plus you'll always be prepared to pop open a fresh one.

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