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Ekogrips Oven Mitts

Ekogrips Oven Mitts

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These Ekogrips Oven Mitts are an amazing heatproof solution for the tired old oven mitts that stain, burn and don't provide enough protection from the heat. They protect your hands and fingers without losing any grip and can be used in most situations and can withstand an incredible 425 degrees.

Wearing these gloves you can simply grab a hot turkey with both hands, retrieve a boiled potato at the bottom of a hot pot, use them for the BBQ, take them camping. The options are endless.

They can easily be thrown into the dishwasher, or wash them like you wash your hands. 

These gloves are the thickest available made out of high quality silicon. They are super comfortable and easy to use.

An absolute must for all chefs.

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