Dust Mop Slippers

  • $15.42

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Don't waste your time cleaning the floors separately, just let the slippers do all the hard work without any extra effort from you.  All you have to do is wear the slippers and walk around the house like you normally do and the slippers will do the job of cleaning and dusting for you.  The Chenille soles provide a soft and dust attracting material so that you won't miss a spot.  These slippers are great on hardwood, linoleum and tile flooring.  Switch your slippers and make everyone in the family wear them too for beautiful sparkling floor.  Clean without even knowing that you are cleaning.  The are also great for spills on the floors.  When they get too dirty, just throw them in the wash and you are good to go again and again.  These come in one size that fits 6-9

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