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Crying Rainbow Unicorn Candle

Crying Rainbow Unicorn Candle

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This crying rainbow unicorn candle is kind of cute but also kind of tragic, but at least it's crying colorful, rainbow tears.

This ceramic unicorn candle holds a rainbow-colored horn shaped candle in his head, and when the candle is set alight, it begins to melt and the rainbow tears begin to flow from this sad eyes.

Perhaps he's crying rainbow tears because once he's rainbow horn has melted then he becomes just an ordinary horse; it's ok little unicorn, it's still pretty awesome to be a horse.

This unicorn candle comes with his very own 3 rainbow candle horns ready for you to set on fire. You can also buy additional rainbow horns packs of 5 or 10 so you can make sure your unicorn never remains hornless for too long. For what would a unicorn be without its stately horn?!

Perfect gift idea for lovers of unicorns, rainbows and magic.

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