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Collapsible Camping Survival Lantern

Collapsible Camping Survival Lantern

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An excellent quality lantern that collapses to become easily portable and stored. Military grade, long lasting lantern that gives off bright LED lights.  Great for camping, outdoors and dark places that need some light. Include it in your emergency kit.

  • SUPER BRIDGE: 30 individual LED bulbs provide 360° of super-bright light. 
  • FEATHER-LIGHT: Smart construction and streamlined design make these easy to pack and carry. Easily fits in any backpack or camping bag.
  • MILITARY-GRADE CONSTRUCTION: Built to withstand the rigor of country excursions, natural disasters and over-caffeinated toddlers. These are constructed with military-grade materials that are practically indestructible. Fully water resistant.
  • HIGHLY EFFICIENT: The low-power, long-lasting LEDs provide bright, powerful illumination without sucking up all your battery power so you can light up the darkness. Each lantern provides over 20,000 hours of light and can be used indoors & outdoors.
  • FOLDAWAY HANDLE: Includes a foldaway handle you can use to hang the lantern from a branch, beam or tent-pole.

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