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Cellphone Video Projector

Cellphone Video Projector

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This little magic Cellphone Video Projector is a high resolution projector that connects to your phone and displays your movies right from your saves and downloads in your phone. You can now turn any place into a movie theater and allow everyone to watch what you're watching.  

Take the entertainment with you anywhere you go. You can project your movies and clips in your office during meetings, at home for movie time, at school for projects and outdoors with your friends.  It's small enough to fit anywhere comfortably and has enough power and light to show a full length movie without having to recharge.

This projector comes with a 120 inch display, 20,000 Hour LED life, a Mini-HDMI and 1 hour and 30 minutes battery.  

The connectivity includes a Micro SD, MHL & HDMI, Native Resolution 854x480 (WVGA), Throw ratio is 1.99:1 Dist/Width, Video input up to Full HD 1080p, Dimensions 2"x2" x 1.9", Brightness full 50 lumens.  

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