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Casio LK280 Easy Learning Light Up Keyboard

Casio LK280 Easy Learning Light Up Keyboard

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This Casio Easy Learning Light Up Keyboard is an amazing tool for teaching beginners as well as more advanced players. Watch as the keys light up with the music. First the keyboard will show you slowly which keys need to be pressed for each note of every song. You can then begin playing along by pressing the lit up keys and memorizing the song by repetition. Keep practicing until you can play the song all on your own without having to read a single note.

The lesson songs are separated into smaller phrases that are easy for anyone to understand and recreate. The keyboard will have you play a phrase of music and when that phrase is mastered you are ready to advance to the next phrase. After completing phrase after phrase you will find that you have learned to play a whole song, one section at a time. Talk about an effective teacher.

The LK280 Package is great value, which includes a power supply, plus a keyboard stand and a pair of headphones.

  • 61 touch responsive lighted keys
  • 152 built in songs, including 50 practice songs
  • 600 built in tones
  • 5 song recorder
  • USB port to use music software
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