Buy An Acre of Land On Mars

  • $32.12

The three keys to buying property is location, location, location and now you can buy an acre of land on Mars which also makes the perfect place for a future holiday. Each acre of Mars land that is sold is carefully mapped and recorded so the same acre will never ever be sold twice.

Each Mars acre sold comes with a beautiful gift pack which includes; a printed deed, a martian constitution Bill of Rights, a property map showing your acre, mineral rights and a copy of the original declaration of ownership all presented in an out-of-this-world space age gift package.

If you ever do decide to plan a trip to the Red Planet to see what you could do with your backyard acre, don't forget to pack some thermals plus some swim wear as Mars has an extreme day-to-night temperature range, from about 80°F (27°C) at noon to about -100°F (-73°C) at midnight!

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