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Ant Brooch

Ant Brooch

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Ants have colonised almost every land mass known to planet Earth so why not let them colonise your outfit as well?! These vintage inspired ant brooches are available as a black ant with white stripes and silver legs, or a brown ant with black stripes and gold legs. With its stylish tones and cute concept these brooches make a unique finishing touch to anyone's outfit.

Measuring in at a large 5.6 cms, the opposing hand-painted colored stripes on their body look just like they appear in nature on these black and brown ants.

These ant brooches also come with a lapel pin on the back for easy application and are made from high-quality zinc alloy with each one being individually hand-painted.

- Available as a gold or silver ant.
- Fitted with a pin on the back ready to wear.
- Measures about 5.6 cms long.
- Hand-painted.
- Perfect unique gift idea for anyone who loves brooches.

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