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A truly mesmerizing incense burner

A truly mesmerizing incense burner

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Buddha once said, ‘Drop by drop is the water pot filled’, so perhaps one can say, ‘Swirl by swirl will calm a person’s mood’... once anyone sees this incredible incense burner.

This backflow incense burner features Buddha’s hand holding a stunning ornate incense holder attached to a delicate chain. Beneath the holder stands a lone, solitary, white figure waiting to be engulfed by the swirling fog of incense.

Backflow incense burners work by forcing the smoke plume to flow downwards rather than upwards which is the direction that normal incense flows.

Incense burners have been known to have a variety of health benefits some of which include purifying the air, calming one’s mood, alleviating anxiety, assisting with meditation and can even help as a sleeping aid.

So, zen out with this unique backflow incense burner and add a peaceful, serene addition to your home décor.

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