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A travel case designed specifically for sunglasses.

A travel case designed specifically for sunglasses.

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Introducing the Sunglass Organizer Travel Case – offering total protection for your favorite sunglasses (and other items)! This 2 pack set is crafted with a hard PU leather outer layer and has a hard shell design to ensure maximum protection while safeguarding your glasses from scratches, dents, and water.

Each case comes with five separate compartments that allow you to store multiple glasses, watches, keys, necklaces, and cosmetics. The convenient hanging strap can be easily attached to a wardrobe or door, enabling quick and easy access whenever you need them. With a hand-held strap designed for carrying on-the-go, this light-weight travel case enables you to take your favorite items wherever you go!

The soft flocked inner lining also makes sure your glasses won't get scratched - ideal for a stylish urbanite who loves to accessorize with confidence. This organizer can be quickly rolled up and easily stored in your suitcase taking up little space and protecting the contents.

So why wait? Get the ultimate accessory companion today - the Sunglass Organizer Travel Case - available in multiple stylish colors that match any occasion. Protect your accessories like the professionals do – choose the Sunglasses Organizer Travel Case now!

  • Protects your sunglasses from scratches, dents, and damage.
  • Comes with five separate compartments and a hanging strap.
  • Can be used to store items other than sunglasses.
  • Takes up little space in your suitcase.
  • Light-weight and easy to carry around with a hand-held strap.
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