Unique Gifts For Women

Buddy Bumper Bubble Play Ball

The Buddy Bumper Bubble Play Ball is perfect for family reunions, picnics, birthday parties, barbecues, at the beach or anywhere kids and families go to have fun! Less costly and far more portable than those exp...Read More..

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Bacon Monopoly

If you love monopoly but are tired of playing the same classic game all the time, here is a new flavor of monopoly with a bacon twist; Bacon Monopoly. You can now enjoy two of your favorite things at once. There are bacon references throughout...Read More..

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Hand Grip Strengthener

Do some warmups everyday to strengthen the muscles in your hands and get those joints moving with this Hand Grip Strengthener. Great gift for anyone who has problems with stiff hands.

This device helps to correctly rebalance muscle s...Read More..

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Doughnut Beach Blanket

Tan in the sun on this fun and delicious looking doughnut beach blanket. Vibrant, colorful and delicious on the eyes. You can also use it as a towel at the pool, at the beach or wherever there are water activities.

Now you can enjoy ...Read More..

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Cereal Killer Bowl

Who knew that you were the real cereal killer?! It's always the quiet ones.  Enjoy a bowl of cereal only to find a hidden surprise ending when you finish with this Cereal Killer Bowl. Kids will love this new bowl and will be eager to finish th...Read More..

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Hot Chocolate On A Spoon

Hot Chocolate On A Spoon is a unique, indulgent way of enjoying the experience of hot chocolate whilst enjoying some of Belgian's finest chocolate available. Each of these little wooden spoons are stuck inside a square of delicious Belgian ...Read More..

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Basturma, also known as Bastirma or Pastirma is a highly seasoned, air-dried cured beef snack. If you like beef jerky or prosciutto, then this is a must for you. This particular brand, Ohanyan's basturma was selected as the bes...Read More..

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James The Doorman Doorstop

James The Doorman Doorstop is the perfect gentlemen to have around the house. Whichever room you choose to put him in, this handy man will always hold the door open for you by wedging his foot under the door and keeping it open...Read More..

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Math Equation Watch

This fun Math Equation Watch is perfect to remind you to practice math once in a while. Studies show that those with a learning mind prolong the longevity of their memory. This unisex watch forces you to solve the math to tell the time. Perfec...Read More..

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Melting Cat Candle

This Melting Cat Candle reveals a grinning metallic cat skeleton beneath its exterior as the wax slowly melts away. At first glance this look like your ordinary everyday candle shaped like a cat. However, strike a match and light the wick a...Read More..

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Shark Sea Floor Mural

Bring an underwater world into any room in your home with this amazing shark sea floor mural. These life-like floor-paper murals are super easy to apply with no gluing required as each mural is made from vinyl s...Read More..

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Hersheys Salt and Pepper Shakers

Now you can add a touch of chocolatey deliciousness to your dining table with these Hersheys Salt and Pepper Shakers. Did you know Hershey's Kisses were named ‘Kisses' due to the sound the mach...Read More..

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Great White Shark Toilet Roll Holder

Jaws, eat your heart out! This great white shark toilet roll holder will give you an extra helping hand when you need it most in the bathroom. This ocean going marine maniac safely holds your toilet paper betwee...Read More..

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Pizza Cone Making Set

Pizza in a cone? Why not? But to make them you're going to need this pizza cone making set. Pizza cones are the newest way to prepare fun pizzas for yourself, friends and family. This pizza cone making set is non-stick for easy clean-up and...Read More..

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Cupcake Coin Bank

Spend, spend, spend! Whether you’re saving up for something special or you want to teach the kids the value of money this Cupcake Coin Bank is just want you need. The cupcake has four sepe...Read More..

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Hookey Ring Toss Game

The hit Australian hookey ring toss game is available in the US. Bring the fun and play this classic Australian game with all your family and friends. If you want a game that's going to get everyone away from their cell phones and the TV th...Read More..

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Multi Sectional Divided Skillet

With this Multi Sectional Divided Skillet you can stop using five pans to make a great meal and just use one. This cleverly designed skillet allows you to cook up to five different foods at once. Despite its app...Read More..

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Brain Specimen Coasters

Want something unique to sit your drinks on instead of boring cork coasters? We definitely have the answer for that with these unique brain specimen coasters. Each set contains 10 coasters and features a slice of brain printed on...Read More..

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Dinosaur Bottle Opener

For roarsome refreshment back from extinction, this cast-iron Tyrannosaurus Rex bites off bottle tops with ease. Like no other bottle opener, this monstrous utensil will be the center piece of any home bar or the talking point of any party....Read More..

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Dual Chamber Water Bottle

Drink and snack on the go with a Dual Chamber Water Bottle. This water bottle can hold up to 20oz of hot or cold liquid and on the base it can store up to 7oz of dry food or it can even hold personal items such as keys or cash. It features ...Read More..

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Mooning Garden Gnomes

Are you fed up with your nosy and annoying neighbors but don't know how to get rid of them? Give them something exciting to look at every day with these Squatting and Mooning Garden Gnomes. Let them know that rudeness goes a long way and two c...Read More..

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