Unique Gifts For Men

T-Shirt Folder

With this fool proof T-shirt folder you can now fold t-shirts with ease like they do in the stores. This handy gadget teaches you to fold your t-shirts like a pro in a matter of seconds. Also great when packing for a trip or if y...Read More..

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Tabletop Fireplace

Modern in every sense of the word, this tabletop fireplace features a brushed stainless steel burner which floats between two tempered glass panels making the fire visible from every angle. The linear burner creates a ribbon of fire that dance...Read More..

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Taco Holder Stands

Filling tacos has never been easier than with these taco holder stands. Forget having to pick your taco filling up from your plate or the serving tray when it all falls out of the end. These uniquely designed Midelo k...Read More..

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Taco Man Wallet

The taco man wallet is like a mini organiser for your pocket putting all your bits and bobs in one place plus the tacos have magnificent mustaches to boot. This is a bi-fold wallet made from vegan leather. It fe...Read More..

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Tactical Bacon

If you are a die hard bacon fan and think that you are going to need to have bacon in an emergency situation, then this can of tactical bacon is for you. This is the ultimate bacon lovers friend as it comes in a geared up-for-battle can.Read More..

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Tactical BBQ Apron

If you're into hardcore barbecuing then you definitely need this tactical BBQ apron. This MOLLE apron is the real deal and comes equipped for holding everything that a 'Grill General' needs. Sporting 2 large pouches and 3 smaller ones, this...Read More..

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Tactical Knife With Fire Starter

This stainless steel blade tactical knife with fire starter is the ultimate tactical knife to carry in your survival kit. It's sharp and durable enough to cut through the toughest ropes and obstacles plus it comes with a magnesium all...Read More..

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Tactical Xmas Stocking

Whether he loves the great outdoors or anything tactical related this tactical xmas stocking is for him. This stocking has a hook and loop area so you can add any favorite patches to the stocking. It's also large enough to fit a variety of ...Read More..

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Taiyaki Fish Shaped Waffle Mold

Prepare taiyaki and waffles with this Taiyaki fish shaped waffle mold. Fill your taiyaki mold up with custard, chocolate, cheese, sweet potato or try an all-time classic with red bean paste. Made with cast aluminium material this mold is no...Read More..

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Temporary Toupee Tattoos

Have fun with these fun and hilarious temporary toupee tattoos. Wear them for selfies and flaunt your baldness with these unique stickers. This set includes 35 unique temporary tattoos. They are non-toxic, waterproof and removable. Perfect ...Read More..

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Tetris Light

We've all played the game, now you can light up any room with the officially licensed stackable Tetris light. Each set comes with seven interlocking pieces which can be stacked in any combination. The possibilities are literally ...Read More..

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Thanksgiving Photo Booth Props

Enhance your Thanksgiving party photos and selfies with these fun Thanksgiving photo booth props. Just hold them up with the stick to your face and snap your pics. The kit is very easy to assemble, just put the stickers on the already made ...Read More..

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The Creature From The Black Lagoon Mask

If you love wearing weird and fun masks to creep people out, then the creature from The Black Lagoon mask is for you. There is no doubt that this mask is creepy and unique. If you love the movie, you will love the mask. This is a great prop...Read More..

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The Decision Maker

Ever been stuck on how to make a decision about a certain question? Worry no more with The Decision Maker. This handy little gadget will make decision making a breeze. Just think of your question, give it a spin and let the decis...Read More..

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The Man Bowl

The man bowl is a dog bowl just for men. It looks just like a classic dog bowl but is actually a sturdy ceramic dish with the word ‘MAN’ on the side. Its large size accommodates even the largest serving of cereal or SpaghettiOs. ...Read More..

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The Man Can

The man can is a perfectly packaged assortment of goodies for guys cleverly packaged in a masculine paint can. All the products inside have fresh manly scents and include soap, hand butter, shave gel, bay rum oil and a manly body mitt for e...Read More..

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The Walking Dead Monopoly

Despite its post apocalyptic setting, The Walking Dead Monopoly delivers the well known Monopoly wheeling and dealing game-play coupled with The Walking Dead references from the TV show. Players vie for and must then ...Read More..

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Ticket to Hell

This ticket to hell is the perfect gift for those friends who always say, "I'm definitely going to hell". Give them one of these tickets and watch their reaction. Each ticket is made from a high quality laminated vinyl plus they are waterpr...Read More..

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Timed Locking Container

This timed locking container is perfect to lock away your treats, phone, kids toys or any other temptations you need to stay away from for a given amount of time. You simply place the item into the container, turn the dial for the required ...Read More..

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Tiny Hands

These silly looking tiny hands are perfect to have up your sleeve for pulling endless pranks on unsuspecting friends and family. These realistic looking hands are only 3 inches long and are also great for making funny videos and tricking pe...Read More..

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Tipping Wine Glass

This set of two stunning tipping wine glasses are made from hand blown glass and are designed to create an optical illusion as if they are about to tip over. The design also allows for a swirling rotation which will aerate and release the flav...Read More..

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