Unique Gifts For Men

Wall Clock Hidden Safe

Hide your valuables from a thief inside this perfectly functioning wall clock hidden safe. It looks like a normal clock hanging on your wall which functions as well. It is nothing fancy or unusual to attract attention, as a matter of fact, ...Read More..

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Wallet Ninja

18 tools in 1 small credit card sized flat gadget that fits in your wallet! That's the Wallet Ninja. We've all been in a position where we needed a particular tool or perhaps a can opener, maybe a bottle opener and just didn't have one. Now...Read More..


Warm Shaving Cream Dispenser

Why shave with cold shaving cream on your face when you can now have warm foam or gel for a nice close soothing shave? This Conair dispenser releases the perfect amount of shaving cream each time.  It also leaves no foam mess so there is no ad...Read More..


Wasabi Kit Kat Candy

All the way from Japan comes this amazing new flavored Kit Kat bar, Wasabi flavor! These are delicious and actually taste like wasabi without the spiciness.  Impress your guests with this truly unique flavored candy that we all know of and lov...Read More..


Wash Away Your Sins Hand Soap

Effective on all 7 deadly sins this hand soap makes a great gift for all liars, cheaters, wrong-doers or anyone with a guilty conscience. Instantly kills sins on contact and lets you wash away dirty deeds in seconds. Simply pump ...Read More..


Water Garden

This amazing Water Garden is a 3 gallon closed loop, self-cleaning fish tank that grows food. The fish waste naturally fertilizes the plants above and in exchange the plants clean the water. The kit includes ever...Read More..


Water Purifying Shower-Head

This purifying shower-head will help remove harmful chlorine and fluoride from your water as you shower. It is economical and efficient and will cleanse your water of the harmful toxins. You will find the water to be softer on your skin and...Read More..


Water Quality Tester

Check the quality of your tap water as frequently as you would like to ensure that your water is not being poisoned like in flint Michigan.  Sometimes there are chemicals in our water that are undetectable to the naked eye but with this tester...Read More..


Waterproof Medicine Pill Box

Hook this pill box to your keychain and never forget your important medicine again.  You can even use it to store your rings inside for when you go swimming or wash your hands.  You will never have to lose valuable items on the go again.  You ...Read More..


Weird Cuff Bracelet

We’re all a little weird in our own kooky sort of way, so what better way to show the world how weird you are with the Weird Cuff Bracelet. The bracelet is slightly flexible to form around your wrist and can be a...Read More..


Wet Paint Graphic Hoodie

Stand out in the crowd while looking insanely original with a Wet Paint Graphic Hoodie. These 3D surreal hoodies look like different colored wet paint has been thrown on them. Made of comfortable cotton and polyester these one-of-a-kind hoo...Read More..

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Wild Game Jerky

If you want to try something unique and different from the regular jerky you normally have, try these for a change.  This pack of wild game jerky includes different flavors of alligator, wild boar, buffalo, elk, kangaroo, ostrich and venison. ...Read More..


Wilson Cast Away Volleyball

Wilson from Cast Away was the true star of this movie, (sorry Tom). Never has a simple volleyball been adored so much. Who can forget that moment when Wilson gets lost at sea and Chuck (Tom Hanks) is devastated? ...Read More..


Window Solar Charger

This window solar charger for your iPhone, iPad or Android device not only looks great and futuristic, but it is also one helluva high quality device. Not to mention that it will save you a ton of money in the long run by not using electric...Read More..


Wine Condoms

Protect your wine from spoiling without having to re-cork.  These wine condoms sit flush with the rim of the wine bottle and create a water-tight seal.  You can place the bottle upright or sideways in the refrigerator after you have sealed the...Read More..


Wine Dispenser

This dispenser is the ultimate wine enthusiasts dream machine.  Like the espresso machine to the coffee addict, this is the go to machine for wine lover.  It keeps wine fresh for up to 6 weeks so no more leaving half empty bottles in the fr...Read More..


Wine Glass Bottle

This is the ultimate wine glass that delivers the maximum amount of wine straight from the bottle.  No need for re fills and no messing around either.  Start the party off just right with this accurately measured wine glass that holds the perf...Read More..


Wine To Go

Take some much needed wine to your outdoor picnics and bon fires.  You will love this easy to carry and store wine bottle.  This bottle will ensure that nothing breaks or spills all over your car and clothing.   Enjoy a nice glass of wine with...Read More..


Wooden Deck Of Cards

This unusual and unique gift for men is the coolest poker party accessory.  The cards look like they are made out of wood with their vintage cowboy design.  Although they are not actually made out of wood, for obvious reasons, they truly stand...Read More..


Wooden Survival Mug

Have your morning coffee and espresso in your backyard or the great outdoors in this wooden mug become one with nature.  This beautifully crafted rustic mug is the best way to drink your cup of joe in the morning.  Bring the outdoors in your k...Read More..