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This is our hand picked selection of odd, unique and clever gifts all priced between $50 - $100 on

Portable Solar Powered Charger

Power up your gear and tech gadgets on the go with this lightweight and easy to cary solar powered chargers.  Don’t leave without it when you go backpacking, camping, hiking, and in the city.  The Anker Advantage’s  PowerIQ delivers the fas...Read More..


Offensive Fortune Cookies

Stop throwing dull and boring parties that drag! If you want to liven up your party just start it off by giving each of your guests one of these highly offensive and insulting cookies. They are lots of fun when served with cocktails and before...Read More..


Mac Wireless Solar Keyboard

When you are a big fan of Apple, you always have to have newest and coolest tech and gadgets. This Mac Wireless Solar Keyboard has a sleek design and is the perfect modern gadget to accompany your Mac. It is 100% wireless and solar operated so...Read More..


Star Wars Bluetooth Speaker

The unique thing about Star Wars fans that separates them from the rest is that Star Wars fans are die hard fans even well after a new episode of Star Wars comes out. In each of their homes and offices, you will always find all Star Wars memor...Read More..


Drunk Stoned Or Stupid

Bring some entertainment and fun to your parties. This is the adult board game for parties to break the ice and get the fun started.

The game comes with 250 premium playing cards with sharp print.

Great gift for parties and fo...Read More..

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Peppermint Christmas Lights

Light up your pathway with beautiful peppermint standing lights.  They come in bright beautiful red, green and blue colors.  They look like lollipops and change colors to create visual interest.  They stay cool when lit brighten up your front ...Read More..


Minecraft Creeper Anatomy Hoodie

The most dreaded mod in Minecraft is unquestionably the creeper.  How does one defeat the sneaky destructive creature? It can be done but first, one must think like a creeper to understand it's intentions and it's sneaky ways.  Wear this aweso...Read More..


Marijuana Onesie For Adults

Recently spotted on Miley Cyrus, this cool marijuana onesie is hands down the best pajama for your next pajama party theme.  Wear it at home or at a friends to chill and have fun.  The Rastafarian colorful striped pattern is the perfect fit fo...Read More..

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Scorpion Lollipops

These scorpion treats come in different flavors of apple, banana, blueberry, and strawberry.  The scorpions are real and look amazing in the clear sucker.  They are very exciting to eat and have a unique flavor to them that you are just going ...Read More..


Kids TRex Dinosaur Costume With Sound

Your kid will feel like they just stepped out of Jurassic Park with this Kids TRex Dinosaur Costume With Sound. This officially licensed action packed inflatable costume has an open face and includes gloves and shoe covers for your child's ...Read More..

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Lip Plumper

Kyle Jenner lips are very trendy and so is getting lip fillers, you can now make your lips look fuller and more plump with this little device.  It gives your lip muscles a work out with the suction and naturally plumps them.  You will have ful...Read More..


Remote Control Mop

If you love to have clean floors but hate to doing the actual moping then this is perfect for you.  Now you can sit on the couch and watch TV or read a book or go on social media and mop at the same time with this remote controlled mop.  Remem...Read More..


Spill-Resistant Keyboard

If you have kids, pets or just a bunch of klutzes around you, then you need this spill-resistant keyboard.  It's cover does not allow any liquids to be absorbed and does not ruin the keyboard.  Use it with your iPad to have an instant desktop ...Read More..


Minecraft Creeper Hoodie

At a first glance, it looks like a cool mine craft jacket when the hoodie is down but once you zip it up all the way, you transform into a creeper! This fun hoodie is a great gift for a Minecraft gamer fan or anyone who loves to have fun.  Read More..


Viking Horn Mens Cup

If you want to be a part of your favorite viking movie or wanna feel like you're a king at a feast in the olden days, you need this oxhorn drinking cup and stand.  You will love watching Game of Thrones and drinking out of this cup at the same...Read More..


Graffiti Wall Mural

Show your love for street art with a colorful Graffiti Wall Mural. This creative mural adds instant impact to any room. Brighten up your teen's bedroom with this vibrant graffiti wall art. Showcasing a va...Read More..

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Remote Controlled Robot

Ollie is a remote controlled robot we have all thought of. It is a race car and a robot mixed. Its cylindrical shape and tough shell make it completely crash-less, and its IOS & Android apps make controlling and doing amazing tricks a bree...Read More..


Perfect Drink Maker

This smart app controlled bar-tending gadget is all you need to make those perfect drinks at your party. It makes an amazing variety of cocktails and drinks and best of all - they are all perfectly mixed, as the mixing and matching is compu...Read More..


City Desk Organizer

This beautiful porcelain desk organizer is built like a real city.  It can be used separately spread out in the office and bookcase or all together.  It adds depth and visual interest to your office and keeps things organized at the same ti...Read More..

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VSSL Ultimate Survival Kit

Dual mode - static and SOS, LED 'flood' beam lantern light, illuminates a large area. Carries fishing gear, quick fire start, wire hand saw, water purification tablets, mirror, trail markers, first aid, razor blade, beeswax candle, and more...Read More..