Geek Gifts

Odd, unusual and unique gift ideas for geeks.

Illuminated Deep Sea Diving Whale with Light

Like a deep sea moment frozen in time, this highly detailed piece has captured the moment a humpback whale prepares to dive from the oceans surface to the deep sea below. This miniature moment comes complete with its own base light which il...Read More..

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Marvel Spiderman Coffee Mug

We aren't all worthy of wearing a Spiderman suit, but you can still keep the spirit of Spiderman with you all year long with this awesome Spiderman mug! There's nothing quite like starting your day by drinking a...Read More..

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Kissing Cats in Love Mugs

This adorable pair of kissing cat mugs truly are cute as a button! This set of two ceramic mugs feature individual black and white cats and when the two mugs are placed side by side it looks exactly like 2 cats booping their noses together....Read More..

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Bedazzled Rhinestone Crystal Tissue Box Cover Holder

Sparkle up your room with one of these jewelled tissue box covers. If you love all things sparkly then this is the tissue box for you. Made up of sparkling faux crystal jewels, this tissue box shines in the light and adds a classy, glamorou...Read More..

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Royal Arabian Gold or Silver Glass Teapot and Coffee Pot

This stylish Arabian teapot will have you yearning for a mystical land in a place far far away as you delightfully sip on your tea or coffee. These stunning teapots can be used for either hot or cold beverages and aren't limited to just hot...Read More..

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Crying Rainbow Unicorn Candle

This crying rainbow unicorn candle is kind of cute but also kind of tragic, but at least it's crying colorful, rainbow tears. This ceramic unicorn candle holds a multi-colored horn shaped candle, when the candle is se...Read More..

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Good Morning Glass Mugs

Start each morning off on the right foot with these cheery good morning glass mugs. These happy mugs are made from Borosilicate glass making them heat resistant so you can pour in your favorite hot beverage and sip to your heart's content. ...Read More..

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Glass Bulb Vases with Wooden Stand

These gorgeous glass bulb vases and wooden stand are perfect for plant cuttings and look incredible on a desk, room or kitchen counter adding a touch of class to any room. These bulb vase sets are available with one, two or three bulbs and ...Read More..

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Jedi Master Yoda Fighting With Lightsaber Action Figure

This Jedi Master Yoda fighting figure is an absolute MUST HAVE for every fan and collector of Star Wars memorabilia. Like a Star Wars moment frozen in time, this intergalactic figurine shows Yoda leaping into the air with his lightsabre rea...Read More..

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Iridescent Rainbow Pyramid Inside a Pyramid

Beautiful, captivating and mesmerising are 3 words to describe these stunning and colorful Feng Shui pyramids. You will immediately feel the energy from this powerful pyramid when you first hold it in your hand. This pyramid also casts stun...Read More..

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Glow In The Dark Stars and Moon

These glow in the dark stars and moon will create the illusion of a starry moon filled night in any room you put them in. This set includes a whopping 216 pieces which includes, comets, stars and a moon. Super easy to apply you can quickly ...Read More..

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Bath Bombs For Men

Just for him, this set of 6 bath bombs for men will leave him smelling masculine and feeling manly all over. Both women and men love taking a long soak in the bath to soothe those weary, aching muscles. However, men are often limited in the...Read More..

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Drinking Horn

Feel like a true Viking with an ethically sourced drinking horn and you will see that beer just tastes better when you're channeling your inner Viking. Every one of these Viking drinking horns feature a double seal with a modern food safe s...Read More..

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Universe Necklace

You will feel like you are wearing a small piece of the universe around your neck with this stunning universe necklace. This extraordinary necklace features a beautiful galaxy glass pendant on an exquisite leather tangle-free cord or the pe...Read More..

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Waterproof TV

Indoor TVs belong inside, not outside, which is why this waterproof TV has been specifically designed for outdoor areas. This weatherproof TV provides unbelievable performance when used outdoors and features a premium, direct-lit 4K UHD scr...Read More..

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Virtual Drum

This virtual drum set is seriously even better than the real deal. This kit includes; 1 snare, 1 crash, 1 ride, 3 toms, 1 Hi-Hat, 2 foot pedals, 5 timbres, 3 rhythms and 8 demo songs. This drum kit also features a rechargeable battery givin...Read More..

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Nesting Dolls

Add a smile to someone's face with these adorable penguin nesting dolls. Commonly called, 'Matryoshka Dolls', these nesting dolls originated in Russia and generally feature Russian inspired designs, however these particular Matryoshka dolls...Read More..

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Cartoon Backpack

Feel like a cartoon character every time you walk down the street with this cute cartoon backpack. The clever design on this backpack makes it look exactly like something out of a cartoon and when you hike it onto your shoulder it will appe...Read More..

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Custom Wallets

These awesome custom wallets can be personalized with names, initials, a photo or even some inspirational words. This unique gift is the gift that will give all year round every time the recipient reaches for their wallet. You can get any k...Read More..

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Face Socks

Hilarious and cute, these customized face socks are sure to become everyone's favorite pair of socks to wear every day of the week. You can get anyone's face that you desire printed on these socks; your partner, boss, bestie, parent or even...Read More..

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Wax Seal

Add a touch of class to your invitations, letters and greeting cards with a custom wax seal stamp. This stunning wax seal features one letter so you can choose any letter of the alphabet from A - Z and use either your first or last name for...Read More..

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