Gag Gifts

10 Foot Giant Beach Ball

The bigger the better. This super enormous inflatable 10 foot giant beach ball will make you the envy of the beach. Also great for pool parties and picnics, this beach ball is made from extra thick vinyl to withstand any punishme...Read More..

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Game of Gnomes Garden Gnome

Brace yourself, the weeds are coming. A must have for any Game of Thrones fan. This statue of gnomes nature doth lay claim to the territory henceforth known as thy garden. This game of gnomes garden gnome will protect your garden...Read More..

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Enormous Giant Rubber Duckie

Yellow and mellow this Enormous Giant Rubber Duckie is massive at over 6 feet long. Pool time will never be the same again with this enormous duckie floating around in the pool. Or grab all the attention do...Read More..

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Titanic Ice Cube Trays

Ice ahead! Recreate history with the Titanic ice cube tray. The reusable mold allows you to make up to four icy Titanic replicas and four icebergs to cool your drinks down. Simply fill up with water and pop in th...Read More..


Portable Pizza Pouch

The ultimate pizza lover's accessory is here! With this awesome portable pizza pouch, you can have your pizza and eat it too.  Never leave the house without a fresh slice of pizza again.  This pouch will make sure that you never stay hungry ag...Read More..


Tiny Hands

Express your opinions with a fun attitude and these tiny hands.  You can make HUUUUGE statements and speeches with these awesome tiny hands by gesturing with them .  When someone attacks the size of your hands, just pull these babies out and p...Read More..


Offensive Business Cards

If you have ever wanted to insult and run, this is the best way to do it.  These business cards deliver the perfect insults from poor parking to horrible body odor.  If you have ever had your parking spot stole, boxed in-between parked cars th...Read More..


Floating Gator Decoy

Spice up your pond or pool with a realistic looking Floating Gator Decoy. This decoy is great for placing in a pond or pool to surprise unsuspecting friends and family. However, its real purpose is as a decoy for water areas that are infest...Read More..

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President Trump Hot Sauce

If you are looking for a hot sauce that makes a tremendous statement, this is the hot sauce for you.  Elect this presidential hot sauce and you can be sure that it will definitely be a huge success.  It is number one on every pole and it will ...Read More..


The Creature From The Black Lagoon Mask

If you love wearing weird and fun masks to creep people out, then The Creature From The Black Lagoon Mask is for you. There is no doubt that this mask is creepy and unique. If you love the movie, you will love the mask.

This is a gre...Read More..

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Stress Relief Boob

If you work long hours and spend countless hours sitting in miserable traffic on a daily basis then the chances are you are stressed out. So how do you get rid of that built up tension in yours shoulders, back and head? You can try using this ...Read More..


Beer Belly Reducing Soap

This funny gift for men is a fragrant soap that has the dubious claim of having the ability to scale back decades of beer drinking! Few are convinced of the weight-reducing capabilities of this novelty soap, how...Read More..

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Tactical Bacon

If you are a die hard bacon fan and think that you are going to need to have bacon in any emergency situation, this is the perfect gift for you.  This is the ultimate bacon lovers friend as it comes in a geared up for battle can.  It is perfec...Read More..


Temporary Toupee Tattoos

Have fun with these funny and unusual tattoo replacements for toupees.  Wear them to take funny selfies and to get everyone laughing.  Flaunt your baldness with these unique and hilarious temporary tattoos.  Your kids, family and friends wi...Read More..


Bone Pens

Next time you have to study anatomy just pick up one of these bone pens and visualize the terminology. These pens are great gifts for anyone in the medical field or currently studying medicine. If you like your doctor show them your humor b...Read More..

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Mooning Garden Gnomes

Are you fed up with your nosy and annoying neighbors but don't how to get rid of them? Give them something more exciting to look at every day from now on with this Squatting and Mooning Garden Gnomes. Let them know that rudeness goes a long wa...Read More..


Offensive Fortune Cookies

Stop throwing dull and boring parties that drag! If you want to liven up your party just start it off by giving each of your guests one of these highly offensive and insulting cookies. They are lots of fun when served with cocktails and before...Read More..


A Christmas Story Leg Lamp

Everyone knows at least one person who is a die hard fan of the movie A Christmas Story. After all, who didn't fall in love with the real star of the movie and the infamous Leg Lamp? The great thing is since its original release, t...Read More..

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Donald Trump Toilet Paper

If you are politically minded and have a sense of humor, than this Donald Trump Toilet Paper is a must in your home. Own a piece of the Donald in your bathroom. Take A Dump With Donald Trump! Love him? Hate him? Either way... you'll love th...Read More..

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Hillary Nutcracker

The hilarious Hillary Nutcracker stands at 9 inches tall and can crack even the toughest nuts. Made of stainless steel, the cracker has its teeth secured inside her upper legs to grip and crack nuts in their shell. Hilarious gag gift for th...Read More..

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