For Kids

Fever Monitoring Pacifier

Don't disturb your baby while they are asleep and gently check their temperature to make sure they are safe with the Fever Monitoring Pacifier.  This pacifier will allow you to check if they have a fever without having to probe them with a ...Read More..

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Ultimate Autotune Mic

I am T Pain Autotune mic does more than just make your voice into the hottest popstar voice.  This mic also allows you to record your own singing. It lest you play your favorite tunes from iTunes and allows you record while your beats into the...Read More..


Cereal Killer Bowl

Who knew that you were the real cereal killer?! It's always the quiet ones.  Enjoy a bowl of cereal only to find a hidden surprise ending when you finish the whole thing.  Kids will love this new bowl and will be eager to finish their cereal j...Read More..

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My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Hoodie

Colorful and fun Rainbow Dash hoodie with rainbow hair on top of the hoodie.  Your little girl will love flashing this awesome My Little Pony outfit to school.  It has striped sleeves and a large sparkly Rainbow Dash image in the front.  Yo...Read More..


Graffiti Wall Mural

Show your love for street art with a colorful Graffiti Wall Mural. This creative mural adds instant impact to any room. Brighten up your teen's bedroom with this vibrant graffiti wall art. Showcasing a va...Read More..

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Remote Controlled Robot

Ollie is a remote controlled robot we have all thought of. It is a race car and a robot mixed. Its cylindrical shape and tough shell make it completely crash-less, and its IOS & Android apps make controlling and doing amazing tricks a bree...Read More..


Cartoon Comic Bag

If you love exciting and fun fashion, then you will love these comic book cartoon bags. They come in many different colors and look like they popped out of a comic book. Looks especially amazing in photos, so go ahead and take a selfie and ...Read More..

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Build Working Lego Robots

Build your own working robots with a powerful ARM9 processor, Wi-Fi USB port and internet connectivity.  This robot comes with a motor and a remote control so that you can get it moving and walking about.  You can control your robot via the...Read More..

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Metal Detector Remote Control Car

This remote control ATV offers double the fun as it is both a remote control car and a metal detector.  If you love hunting for treasure but don't want to look silly doing it with a long rod in your hands, use this cleaver toy that doubles ...Read More..


Sandwich Bread Stamps

These are the cutest sandwich bread stamps for your kids school lunch.  Kids will love eating sandwiches with these cute panda bear and animal shaped stamps.  Pan DE bear sandwich bread stamps are great for kids who are picky eaters.  

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Water Rocket Kit

Make your own rocket.  Learn how rockets work and teach your kids.  This kit allows your DIY rocket to fly. This rocket can blast over 30 feet.  The mechanics on these kits are innovative, inspiring and full of action.
The Kit includes...Read More..


Educational Rocks and Minerals

This Educational Rocks and Minerals classroom collection is used for geological study, and has 50 specimens, including igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks, ores, gemstones, and minerals in the scale of hardness, for detailed examina...Read More..

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Know Your Knots Kit

This handy Know Your Knots Kit includes everything you need to learn and practice how to tie 20 of the most essential rope knots. The pack includes a 6 card/12 page waterproof plastic card set which contains all...Read More..

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