For Kids

Star Wars Bluetooth Speaker

The unique thing about Star Wars fans that separates them from the rest is that Star Wars fans are die hard fans even well after a new episode of Star Wars comes out. In each of their homes and offices, you will always find all Star Wars memor...Read More..


Pokémon Battle Ready Pikachu

If your like most parents you have kids who love the cartoon Pokemon and the main character Pikachu. This Battle Ready Pikachu is a perfect gift for your kids and it will keep them entertained for hours. Like in the cartoon, they will be excit...Read More..


Star Wars Waterbottle

This R2D2 water bottle is made with stainless steel interior and exterior to keep your liquids extra cool.  It has an easy one touch push button that instantly opens the cover to expose the straw for easy sipping.  Hydrate yourself in style.  ...Read More..


Galileo Thermometer

If you consider yourself a collector of unique geeky treasures then you have struck gold with this incredible Galileo Thermometer with a glass globe thermometer. Those in love with science can relate to the mechanics of this thermometer and...Read More..

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Super Spoon

Your kids will love eating with super spoon.  The spoon is constructed of a super hero body and a spoon head.  The spoon is colorful and vibrant and fun to play with.  It stands on its legs and has a comfortable grip.  If you have a picky eate...Read More..


Princess Car Seat

Your kids will love sitting in this princess carseat.  It is beautiful, colorful, fun and has a cape, what more could they want?  This will make their ride a little extra special.  They will especially love getting picked up from school with t...Read More..


Adjustable Tablet Stand

Are you tired of holding your iPad or tablet in your hands or in your lap while trying to watch your favorite episode. This Adjustable Tablet Stand works wonders in adjusting and firmly holding into position your tablet so that you can watc...Read More..

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Retro Arcade Watch

If you grew up collecting quarters so you can hit the arcades and play Street Fighter and Marvel vs Capcom then you will fall in love with the Retro Arcade Watch. It is one of the most unique watches you can find and gets a lot of attention fr...Read More..


Nomad Roadtrip Car Charger

Yes car chargers are great for your phone when you are in the car but what happens when you are done driving? With the new Nomad Roadtrip Car Charger your charging doesn't need to end when you come to a stop. It comes with a built in battery w...Read More..


Cereal Marshmallows 1 Pound

Add a bit of cheer to any cereal you have at home with the 1pound bag of Cereal Marshmallows. You don't have to buy the one kind of cereal that has the marshmallows and get three measly marshmallows in a whole bowl.  

Add as many as ...Read More..

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Tweedz Braided Headphones

Looking for some cool new headphones that are durable yet stylish enough to complement your SWAG? These Tweedz braided earbuds are the perfect choice! They come in multiple colors so you can mix and match them with your outfits every day. Made...Read More..


Ultimate Gaming Keyboard

What are some cool gifts for guys? If you are a gamer for one, this aircraft-grade aluminum mechanical gaming keyboard is a true fantasy. It comes fully customizable and is extremely durable as gaming keyboard. Built to withstand even the heav...Read More..


Sandwich Puzzle Shape Cutters

Add some fun to your lunch and your kids lunch with these sandwich cutters shaped like puzzles.  Your kids will love making and packing their own lunch with these cutter so you won't have to do a thing.  Get them to help you out with their mea...Read More..


Harry Potter House of Slytherin Scarf

This official Harry Potter House of Slytherin Scarf is based on the one worn by Malfoy and his Slytherin House cohorts in the movies. This green and silver scarf has a beautifully embroidered Slytherin House log...Read More..

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Santa's Message Plate

Let your children write their own little message to Santa to feel special.  This beautiful chalkboard plate lets you write your cute message to santa and deliver snacks at the same time.  It is specifically designed and dedicated for santa to ...Read More..


Staircase Glow-In-The-Dark Mice Decal

Cinderella's mice have come to visit for the holidays.  These adorable mice decals are a fun way to light up your staircase.  Your kids will love this fun glow in the dar night light.  Get their imaginations going with these fun decals.  They ...Read More..


Star Wars Pez Dispensers

Randomly chosen Star Wars Pez Dispensers is just what the doctor ordered to cheer everyone up at your next party. You can get Chewbacca, Yoda, Darth Vader R2D2 and more. Bring the fun of the Pez to your home and to your kids.   Great favors...Read More..


Millennium Falcon Rug

An authentic geek rug.  For the ultimate Star Wars fan this is a match made in heaven.  Make your room and living space reflect your fun and geeky personality with this amazing and soft rug.  It will light up your entire space with the charm o...Read More..


Galaxy Lollipops

These Galaxy Lollipops use all natural flavoring and come in 10 delectable flavors. The front of each lollipop is crystal clear and the back is black to resemble space. Each lollipop is hand crafted one by one so no two lollipops are comple...Read More..

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Rainbow Crayons

Draw quick, easy and perfect rainbows every time with these rainbow crayons.  All the colors of the rainbow are packed in one crayon so with a stroke of one crayon you can draw a beautiful and colorful rainbow.  These non toxic crayons are a s...Read More..