7 Must Have Kitchen Gadgets

1. EASY PINEAPPLE SLICER If you are like me, you hate cutting pineapples because it is a difficult fruit to cut through perfectly.  Usually, I use the knife to peel the skin by slicing through it, then I cut the fruit flesh off as close to the core as possible but it’s never in perfect circles.  This tool helps you get the perfect circles without doing much of the work.  You just insert the slicer in the center and twist it like opening a bottle of wine.  It does the job for you, cutting through and getting out perfect circles ready to eat every time.  

Easy pineapple slicer

2. MEAT SHREDDER CLAWS These easy to grip claws are the perfect meat shredding tool.  You can use it on pretty much every type of cooked meat, especially slow cooked meat.  It shreds the meat in perfect slices to make sandwiches.  You can also add your favorite BBQ sauce to your meat to make a delicious dinner.  This shredder is ideal for pulled pork and other meats that have been slow cooked and smoked.  

3. FAST DEFROSTING TRAY Just place your meat on top of this tray and watch it quickly defrost.  This is a healthier alternative to putting your meat into the microwave and being exposed to radiation.  It will take 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the thickness of the meat, to come back to room temperature and be fully defrosted.  It is definitely much faster way of defrosting than waiting for it to defrost naturally in the fridge for a whole day. 


4.  VEGETABLE STRAINER Most strainers are completely open on top and usually when you strain, the fruits and veggies fall right into the sink.  This simple but genius strainer solves that annoying problem for us by covering a portion of the top with more strainer.  It allows you to comfortably wash and drain the water into the sink without loosing any fruits or veggies.  

5. CONDIMENT FORK Don’t reach into that pickle jar with your fingers and don’t go for a fork from the drawer either.  Just hang this handy condiment fork on your jar and leave it in the fridge.  Every time you need to get a pickle out, take the fork off the jar and use it, then rinse and put it back.  It will always be in the same place and you don’t have leave bacteria in the jar.


6. HANDS FREE BAG HOLDER This little gadget holds your sandwich bags so that you can easily fill them up with whatever you want to lunch on or snack on later.  These are the perfect helping hands for moms and dads who pack lunch for their kids or for work.  They are also great for when you have to pour something into plastic bags. It also has extensions so you can use both the smaller bags and the larger plastic bags.  These are very useful for when you want to use plastic bags to marinate meat or other vegetables because you don’t have to touch the bag while your pour. No more contamination or mess!

**7. SPICE PEN **This creative little pen allows you to write and draw anything with spices.  You can be very artistic and write sweet messages to your loved ones to show them that their soups, drinks and deserts were prepared with love.  This is a real winner when it comes to entertaining because your guests will feel special as you write fun little notes for them.  


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