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Metal Detector Remote Control Car

This remote control ATV offers double the fun as it is both a remote control car and a metal detector.  If you love hunting for treasure but don't want to look silly doing it with a long rod in your hands, use this cleaver toy that doubles ...Read More..


Water Rocket Kit

Make your own rocket.  Learn how rockets work and teach your kids.  This kit allows your DIY rocket to fly. This rocket can blast over 30 feet.  The mechanics on these kits are innovative, inspiring and full of action.
The Kit includes...Read More..


Tank Follows Magic Pen

Watch how this tank magically follows the pen mark as you draw.  

Draw a thick line on a white paper, the tank will run on the line automatically
If the line is f...Read More..


Splashguard for kids hair

Give your kids a splash free and soap free baths with this kids friendly rinser.  Kids don't like getting water on their little faces and will shy away from baths and showers for this specific reason.  Help them get over their shower fears wit...Read More..


Outdoor Mandala For Chalk

Create beautiful mosaic art right on your driveway.  This is a great gift for kids to play with outdoors in the summertime.  Get their creative minds working and imaginations running wild as they decorate and color with chalk.  Simply wash wit...Read More..


Passing The Bar Set

This game is designed to help you study for the bar exam and for fun logic exercises to keep your mind sharp.  Play with friends and family to learn about the law and sharpen your reasoning and argument skills.  


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Teddy Bear Lamp

This is the most fascinating and unconventional lamp.  This teddy bear lamp is like an experiment gone wrong.  It's one of those interesting pieces you just can't stop staring at.  Perfect for halloween and people with a little imagination....Read More..


Disney Mickey Mouse Inflatable Movie Screen

Take your kids to an outdoor movie right in your own backyard with this Disney Mickey Mouse Inflatable Movie Screen. Perfect for kids birthday parties, family fun or sleepovers, this Mickey Mouse Inflatable movie screen showcases any movie,...Read More..

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Gummy Bear Anatomy Puzzle

This Gummy Bear Anatomy Puzzle is a 41 piece puzzle which features its own disproportional skeleton and organs to piece together. Kids (and adults) can learn all about the anatomy of Gummy Bears. Th...Read More..

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Floating Golf Putting Green

This Floating Golf Putting Green is a great gift for anyone who loves golf especially if they also have a pool. This golf course is the ultimate challenge as it floats on top of the pool while you try to get a hole in one.

Fun for ad...Read More..

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Rope Swing For Kids

Bring some outdoor fun to your kids.  No more TV watching and video game playing when you have fun outdoor activities like this rope swing.  

  • New, fun shape is big eno...Read More..


Educational Rocks and Minerals

This Educational Rocks and Minerals classroom collection is used for geological study, and has 50 specimens, including igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks, ores, gemstones, and minerals in the scale of hardness, for detailed examina...Read More..

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Wooden Blocks for Kids

Actual wooden blocks that were hand crafted to enhance your imagination. Designed to inspire creative play & stimulate imaginative thinking Handcrafted in Germany, these large, chunky wood blocks still bear the beautiful bark of the lin...Read More..


Know Your Knots

Learn how to tie different types of knots like the boy scouts do.  This is a great gift for young children to learn survival skills.  You are never too young or too old to learn new skills so learn something new with this knot tying kit. Read More..