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Star Wars Lightsaber Keychain Flashlights

Perfect for any fan of the movies, these Star Wars lightsaber keychain flashlights not only hold your keys but also light up blue and red to match the lightsabers of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. These keychains c...Read More..

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Glow In The Dark Astronomy Kit

This out-of-this-world glow in the dark astronomy kit allows you to assemble your very own planetarium model and paint it with glow in the dark details. Assemble the sun and its surrounding planets and set them into motion and explore the w...Read More..

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Voodoo Doll

Your enemies don’t stand a chance with this voodoo doll. Packed with instructions on applying curses using pins (not included), this stuffed voodoo doll has a weighted bottom so it can stand on its own. Standing at 9 inches tall ...Read More..

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Precise Planet Earth Replica

This hand-made and 3D printed earth replica is so close to detail it is the most precise planet earth replica in existence. When you hold this earth globe in your hand it has some very substantial weight to it and is hand-painted in such ex...Read More..

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USB Rocket Launcher

Fire in the hole! This USB rocket launcher is packed full of rocket fun and can be loaded with 4 foam missiles which are launched using your PC or Mac. This rocket launcher shoots four missiles in automatic rotation 25' away. It can be dire...Read More..

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Lego Roller Coaster

Build a sensational fully-functional Lego roller coaster complete with two trains, giant dips and even a cotton candy cart and ticket booth with this incredible fairground lego set. This thrilling roller coaster also ...Read More..

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Tiny Hands

These silly looking tiny hands are perfect to have up your sleeve for pulling endless pranks on unsuspecting friends and family. These realistic looking hands are only 3 inches long and are also great for making funny videos and tricking pe...Read More..

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Timed Locking Container

This timed locking container is perfect to lock away your treats, phone, kids toys or any other temptations you need to stay away from for a given amount of time. You simply place the item into the container, turn the dial for the required ...Read More..

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Wooden Ferris Wheel Building Kit

The wooden ferris wheel building kit is the perfect toy for both adults and children alike and introduces your child to the world of STEM which is science, technology, engineering and math. This incredible kit is ready to go out of the box,...Read More..

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Walking Roaring Dinosaur

This walking roaring dinosaur has spikes which illuminates red, blue and green while it walks, roars and lights up its eyes and tongue. This roar-some dinosaur will take your kid on a Jurassic journey with its animated movements, lights and...Read More..

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Leonardo Da Vinci Catapult Kit

Leonardo De Vinci redesigned the catapult around the year 1485, and now you can bring his design to life with this Leonardo Da Vinci Catapult Kit. This kit comes complete with all the wooden pieces already pre-c...Read More..

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Star Wars Pez Dispensers

These Star Wars Pez Dispensers are the perfect addition to any Star Wars or space themed party event. Each box contains 12 different Star Wars characters including Chewbacca, Yoda, R2D2 and many more. Each Pez dispenser is wrapped individua...Read More..

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Retro Arcade Gaming Machine

Relive the magic of a bygone era with this super-cool retro arcade gaming machine with 200 games installed on it. This little game gadget requires no expensive game console and is small enough to fit in a bag or backpack, and easily fits in...Read More..

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Motorized Paper Airplane

You can now combine your childhood memories with modern day technology and create your own motorized paper airplane. First you need to build your own paper airplane than you add the motor supplied in this kit and use your smartphone to cont...Read More..

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Toilet Golf

Golf while you sit on the loo and enjoy your time in the bathroom with this hilarious toilet golf kit. You can practice your golf putting and getting a hole in one plus this comes with a Do Not Disturb Sign as a bonus gift.

This kit ...Read More..

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Butterfly Garden

Using this butterfly garden, kids and adults alike can watch one of nature's most incredible transformations, witnessing butterfly metamorphosis up close. This sensational kit is an engaging, hands-on activity which allows you to care for l...Read More..

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Pug Mask

Roomy enough to fit both adults and kids, this pug mask is both creepy and fun. This is a truly hilarious mask and looks extremely life-like when teamed with an outfit of similar colors. Great for parties, fancy dress events or for anyone who ...Read More..

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Mini Tabletop Pool Set

You don't need to own a games room or basement to have this awesome mini tabletop pool set. At 20 inches long it's not exactly mini but it definitely isn't large. It's also super lightweight making it easy to move from room to room but it's...Read More..

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Neon 80's LED Sunglasses

These neon 80's LED sunglasses are totally rad dude and will instantly turn you into a party superstar like you just stepped out of the 80's. And lets face it, who doesn't love the 80's. These ubercool sunnies have 3 light mode...Read More..

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Earth Squeeze Stress Balls

You'll have the whole world in your hands...literally, when you grab one of these Earth squeeze stress balls. Printed on the stress balls are all the continents, islands, countries, oceans and everything else that makes this world go round....Read More..

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Wicked Witch of the East Legs

Now you can have a pair of the Wicked Witch of the East legs displayed under your home like you crash landed on her. These are officially licensed by Wizard of Oz merchandise and consist of a pair of stuffed legs wearing the iconic ruby slippe...Read More..

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