Gifts Under $50

This is our hand picked selection of odd, unique and clever gifts all priced under $50

LED Wallet Credit Card Lights

Carry a light in your wallet wherever you go with one of these LED Wallet Credit Card Lights. This unusual looking card is the size of an ordinary credit card and looks like a flat incandescent light bulb. However, wh...Read More..

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Floor Protector Furniture Chair Socks

Protect your furniture and your expensive floors with these luxury Floor Protector Furniture Chair Socks. They have a snug fit so they will stay in place and you don't have to deal with the felt stickers that keep fal...Read More..

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The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up book will teach you the proper way to tidy up your home and keep your personal life in order. Do you struggle to keep your home neat despite constant efforts to declutter your home? Do your cupboards lo...Read More..

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Pug Mask

Roomy enough to fit both adults and kids, this pug mask is both creepy and fun. This is a truly hilarious mask and looks extremely life-like when teamed with an outfit of similar colors. Great for parties, fancy dress events or for anyone who ...Read More..

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Star Wars Cookie Cutters

Kids and adults alike will love cookies made from these Star Wars cookie cutters. These cutters allow you to cut cookie dough into the shapes of popular Star Wars characters. Once baked you can decorate them with icing and chocolate creatin...Read More..

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Pocket Utility Tool

This handy pocket utility tool holds an incredible 20 tools in one. Imagine carrying twenty different tools in your pocket? Well, now you can with this cleverly designed all-in-one tool.

It includes quick release clip, bottle o...Read More..

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Watermelon Inflatable Raft

Nothing says summer like a cool watermelon inflatable raft. This raft is that slice of summer you're been looking for and this tasty fruity wedge is big enough for everyone to enjoy.

This watermelon raft measures 60" (152.4 cm) in di...Read More..

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Coffee Soap

This earthy all natural coffee grit soap is infused with coffee grinds to exfoliate your skin and leave it feeling soft and smooth. The bars are naturally scented with the coffee grit inside so there are no artificial scents added. Great fo...Read More..

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Hamburger Patty Maker and Grill Press

Make perfect patties every time using this burger press.  It creates the right indentation so that your patties look like actual burgers.  Don't buy frozen patties from the supermarket, make your own homemade patties nice and fresh.  Enjoy ...Read More..

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Cookie Holding Mug

Drink your coffee or tea and have a sweet treat to go along with your hot drink with this Cookie Holding Mug. It can hold biscuits, cookies, doughnuts, biscotti, scones and many other sweet treats for your enjoyment.

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LED Flashing Light Up Shot Glasses

Brighten up any event with these dazzling liquid activated LED Flashing Light Up Shot Glasses. Each glass has an LED light built into it which can be turned on and off at the flick of a switch and is activated when liquid enters the glass. ...Read More..

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Yoda Candy Bowl Holder

Serve your candy Star Wars style with this intergalactic Yoda candy bowl holder. This officially licensed figure is perfect for holding candy, coins, pens, keys or anything else you want Yoda to watch over. Other Star Wars character bowl ho...Read More..

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D.A.R.E. Fanny Pack

If you loved the awesome and educational D.A.R.E program designed to keep kids off of drugs, then you will love this cool fanny pack. This program was designed for teaching kids about the dangers of drug use. It's a really fun 90's memorabi...Read More..

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Light Up Dolphin Pillow

Kids and adults alike will fall in love with this Light Up Dolphin Pillow. Perfect as a night-light for kids rooms, the dolphin features 10 different colors and gently changes colors every few seconds. It also features an auto-off function ...Read More..

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Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Soap

Looking for a rude gift? Then look no further that this, Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Soap. This bottle actually has the words, 'Maybe You Touched Your Genitals' printed on it. Despite this being a novelty gift, it genuinely does kill 99...Read More..

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How To Win Every Argument

Give yourself a little more edge in your arguments with this book entitled, How To Win Every Argument. In this witty book the author, Madsen Pirie, shares his unique logic on how to win arguments. Featuring chapters on how to win arguments ...Read More..

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Clip On Long Rear View Mirror

There are some angles that you just can't see with the rear view mirror which is where this Clip On Long Rear View Mirror comes to the rescue. This mirror will help out with those blind spots to eliminate any doubt of unseen vehicles.  Be e...Read More..

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Circuit Board Geek Tie

The geekiest tie you will ever come across. This Circuit Board Geek Tie is the perfect gift for anyone who is a geek and loves geek stuff.  Great gift for anyone working in IT and pretty much everyone who loves computers and fun.

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Number 2 Pencil Socks

Remind yourself to carry a pencil with you every time you wear these stylish number 2 pencil socks. You'll be looking sharp whether you're a teacher, student or just enjoy number 2 pencils, these are the socks for you. This is a great gift ...Read More..

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Edgar Allan Poe Pill Box

A poetic pill box for poetry lovers. Take your pills in style with this Edgar Allan Poe Pill Box. You will love the look of this beautiful box that can be used for storing small items. Use it for vitamins, coins, buttons, guitar picks, bead...Read More..

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Samurai Sword Handle Umbrella

Featuring a Samurai sword handle you will be wishing for some rainy days with this awesome Samurai sword handle umbrella! This is definitely nothing like any other umbrella we have ever seen. You can sling this ...Read More..

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