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This is our hand picked selection of odd, unique and clever gifts all priced between $100 - $150 on

Money Suit

For the love of money, stop blending in and start standing out with this awesome cash suit. It's got luxury written all over it in the form of Benjamins.   There is nothing sexier than a confident man and this suit says I'm confident enough to...Read More..


Anova Bluetooth Cooker

Cook your meats to perfection with this Anova precision cooker.  Just place your meat in a ziplock sealed bag and place it in a stock pot full of water and let the cooker do the rest.  Your meat will cook at a steady temperature all the way to...Read More..

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Storm Trooper Sled

Your kids will love riding on the snow with this Star Wars storm trooper sled.  This is the sled that puts all other sleds to shame.  The best part of snow is definitely sledding and this storm trooper sled rides smooth and fast for maximum fu...Read More..


Animated Series Batmobile

What do Batman, Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings all have in common? They are all bad ass! What's even more bad ass is The Animated Series Batman by DC Collectible with a more darker and intelligent side of batman, even better than all o...Read More..

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Sega Genesis Plug and Play

OMG, this is totally awesome! This Deluxe Classic Sega Genesis system is updated for easy plug & play (includes two wireless controllers) and is already preloaded with 80 of your favorite classic games, plus 5 additional games on a cart...Read More..


Wine Dispenser

This dispenser is the ultimate wine enthusiasts dream machine.  Like the espresso machine to the coffee addict, this is the go to machine for wine lover.  It keeps wine fresh for up to 6 weeks so no more leaving half empty bottles in the fr...Read More..


Ship in a Bottle Liquor Dispenser

If you like to host elegant and extravagant house parties then you will be sure to entertain all of your guests with this Prestige Decanters Ship in a Bottle Dispenser. It is skillfully handcrafted by the finest master craftsmen in Kentucky an...Read More..


Breakfast Station

An all in one solution to your breakfast problem.  Make your eggs, bacon, sausages, toast and coffee all at the same time.  Perfectly timed to have all ready at the same time so that you don't have to drink cold coffee or eat cold eggs again. ...Read More..

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Retro Arcade Watch

If you grew up collecting quarters so you can hit the arcades and play Street Fighter and Marvel vs Capcom then you will fall in love with the Retro Arcade Watch. It is one of the most unique watches you can find and gets a lot of attention fr...Read More..


Spicy Chili Pepper Wreath

If you really love spicy foods and want to warn your guests that you will be serving spicy things, put this hot chili pepper wreath on your door as a warning sign.  You will be surprised at how many spicy gifts you receive from your friends an...Read More..


Millennium Falcon Rug

An authentic geek rug.  For the ultimate Star Wars fan this is a match made in heaven.  Make your room and living space reflect your fun and geeky personality with this amazing and soft rug.  It will light up your entire space with the charm o...Read More..


Smartphone Breathalyzer

Turn your iPhone or Android into a police quality breathalyzer. Instantly find out your blood alcohol content BAC and track it over time. The accompanying smartphone app also help track the level back to 0.00%. Connects to your smartphone o...Read More..


Time Out Chair For Toddlers

If your toddler has been naughty and has not been following the rules or listening to you, then put them in a time out.  Don't get stressed out, don't yell or worry, just sit them on this chair and tell them to stay until the hourglass runs ou...Read More..


Mermaid Tail

This fun mermaid tail is a real swimmable tail with realistic scales so you can look like a real mermaid.  This is really fun to try out in your pool and an awesome costume for a pool party.  This mermaid tail is made from high quality fabric ...Read More..


Mocking Jay Katniss Scarf

This beautifully knitted cowl is made from thick yarn so that it keeps you warm and cozy in chilly weather.  Wear it over any top and look as cool as Katniss does in the Mocking Jay movie from the series of the Hunger Games.  This is a one of ...Read More..


Waist Training Corset

Look like your best self with the help of this waist training corset.  Celebrities use it to narrow their waist by wearing this corset during exercise.  It helps to thin out the fat round your waist making it look narrower and more defined.  Y...Read More..


Microwave Radiation Detector

This is a great device to detect electric, magnet, or microwave radiation around you.  Test your appliances and power lines or just places you think may have toxic radiation emission.  Keep yourself and your family safe from high levels of ...Read More..


Remote Control Hiding License Plate

Ever wanted to hide your license plate? Now you can, with this remote controlled license plate holder.  With just a touch of a button you can automatically lower the plate.  Sometimes you just don't want to flash your license plate to protect ...Read More..


Remote Controlled Pool Skimmer

Start loving chores again and get your kids to do it too.  This remote controlled pool skimmer allows you to clean the surface of your pool by capturing leaves, bugs and dirt in the net.  The best part is, you tell it where to go because yo...Read More..


Automatic Ball Launcher

This iFetch automatic launcher is the perfect gift for your pet or anyone who has pets. This launcher will toss the ball for your pet to fetch as long as they want to play. Your pet can have fun even when you are busy.

Interactive, o...Read More..

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