Geek Gifts

Turn Signal Cycling Gloves

A must-have for every cyclist, these Turn Signal Cycling Gloves allow you to signal to oncoming traffic while keeping your hands safely on the handlebars. It also allows you to signal to traffic behind you using the stand...Read More..

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Touch Open Key Lock

This lock uses your smartphone to recognize your presence and opens when you touch it.  Similar to keyless cars, you just need your smartphone or the extra recognition device to signal to the key when you have arrived.  No more struggling w...Read More..


Underwear Phone Case

Have a laugh and share smiles with this funny underwear phone case.  

  • Compatible Model: Apple iPhone 6 Plus 5.5"
  • Made of high...Read More..


Tank Follows Magic Pen

Watch how this tank magically follows the pen mark as you draw.  

Draw a thick line on a white paper, the tank will run on the line automatically
If the line is f...Read More..


Make anything into a keyboard

Makey Makey Go is a really fun way to interact with the world around you and your computer.  It turns anything into a keyboard that you can use to control your computer.  Just clip the alligator clips to whatever you can think of and it wil...Read More..


Match Equation Watch

Fun math equation watch to remind you to practice math once in a while.  Studies show that those with a learning mind prolong the longevity of their memory.  Perfect geek and hipster gift for anyone who loves math and thinks that math is co...Read More..


USB Toast Hand Warmers

Don't let your hands get cold as you work and relax.  Wear these toasty hand warmers and enjoy the comforts of having warm hands all the time.

  • Two Detachable USB Power...Read More..


Tool Belt With Real Tools

This "tool" tool belt has actual tools in its buckle that you can use to fix things around the house or anywhere you go.  It's an emergency tool kit.  It is fashionable as well as handy.  Set a new trend with this ultimate tool belt.  

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Wizard Of Oz Witch In Book

Make reading time fun with this creative and unique rare collectors item bookmark of the wicked witch from Wizard of Oz.  When you leave it in your book it look as if you have captured the witch inside your book. You can even pretend like i...Read More..


Whatever I'm Late Clock

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves to slow down and not get so carried away with our busy schedules.  This clock brings some fun and humor into our hectic and perfectly timed lives. 

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Passing The Bar Set

This game is designed to help you study for the bar exam and for fun logic exercises to keep your mind sharp.  Play with friends and family to learn about the law and sharpen your reasoning and argument skills.  


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Selfie Stick With Bluetooth

This selfie stick has a built in bluetooth and a battery that lasts longer than most selfie sticks.  Lets you take great pictures from unique and different angles to get the best pictures for your social media, friends and family.  

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Battery Storage Organizer

One of the most annoying things to organize are the batteries you have in your home.  Most of the time we just leave them laying around or in the opened box they came in.  Now you can neatly store them anywhere and...Read More..

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Scientific Coffee Maker

Hario Technica 5-cup Coffee Syphon is the gift for that serious coffee drinker. This amazingly cool coffee maker will take you back to science class when you used the bunsen burner like a mad scientist.

Made of the best heat resistan...Read More..


Learning Thermostat

Meet the amazing Learning Thermostat. It learns from both you and your home which then allows it to automatically program itself and help you save energy while you’re away. Plus you can also con...Read More..

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Smart Home Device

Want to know what's going on in your home when you're away? Want to be connected to your home with your smartphone? This device is the perfect smart home product for a starter who wants to make their home a smart home.  

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Smart Pen For Note-taking

This Livescribe smart pen is the perfect note taking pen as it makes it very easy to take notes, transfers it to your computer and allows you to record audio as you take notes.

Livescribe+ for Android ...Read More..


Virtual Laser Keyboard

Want to use a real keyboard sized buttons to type your messages and work on your iPad? Now you can do just that with this virtual laser keyboard that works with your phone or tablet and the laser device to project a functioning keyboard.  T...Read More..

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Remote Control Pillow

Can't find that remote? Don't worry the accent pillow on your couch can solve that problem.  Hidden remote control on one side of the pillow just in case you lose that remote.  

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Hand Held Paper Shredder

Carry portable shredding power wherever you go with this Hand Held Paper Shredder. This USB powered shredder is the perfect go-to for travellers, notebook users or anyone with limited space! This paper shredder will c...Read More..

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