Pulley System Storage Heavy Lift For Garage

  • $199.99
  • Save $49.41

With this amazing Ceiling Storage Heavy Lift you can create 16 square feet of additional storage space without compromising floor or wall space. The Ceiling Storage Heavy Lift also gives you a convenient storage solution for all of those bulky items that take up so much space on the floor, such as seasonal storage, boxes or totes, outdoor furniture, large tools, tires, or just about anything else you can think of.

Made of steel construction, the Ceiling Storage Heavy Lift has a unique pulley system that lets you easily load and lift up to 250 pounds of storage items to the ceiling and lock securely in place. The lift easily lowers 8 feet from the ceiling when you want to retrieve or add items. Raise and lower using a hand crank or attach your power drill. It has everything you need to store large items the safe, easy way without your feet ever leaving the ground.

  • ADJUSTABLE - Mounts to any ceiling, adjust to angle ceilings with the built in nylon rings.
  • DURABLE - High strength steel allows you to lift up to 250 pounds.
  • EFFICIENT - Raises and lowers by crank and includes all installation accessories.
  • RELIABLE - Steel cables allow for 8ft of vertical lift and securely locks into place.
  • RECLAIM YOUR GARAGE - 16 sq feet of additional overhead storage space with the 4 ft X 4 ft design, making more room for the things you want to do.

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