For The Outdoors

Public Toilet Survival Kit

Fear dirty public toilets no more with this public toilet survival kit. We've all been there before, you're out in public, desperate for the loo and there’s no way you can wait until you get home so you have to ...Read More..

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Bacon Bandages

Next time your doctor tells you no more bacon you can surprise him with these die-cut sterile strip bacon bandages. Imagine that, doctor approved bacon! Even though most American households carry bandages in their medicine cabinet at home a...Read More..

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Star Wars Death Star Bluetooth Speaker

This Star Wars Death Star Bluetooth speaker lets you play all your favorite music through the speaker which lights up while the tunes are played. This Death Star Bluetooth Speaker is one of those cool tech pieces you can add to your ever-gr...Read More..

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Galileo Thermometer

If you consider yourself a collector of unique geeky treasures then you have struck gold with this incredible Galileo Thermometer with a glass globe thermometer. Those in love with science can relate to the mechanics of this thermometer and...Read More..

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Adjustable Tablet Stand

Are you tired of holding your iPad or tablet in your hands or in your lap while trying to watch your favorite episode? Then you need this adjustable tablet stand. This stand works wonders by easily adjusting and firmly holding your tablet i...Read More..

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Belt Buckle Flask

This awesome belt buckle flask comes complete with a built-in flask to keep you hydrated when you need it most. You can now bring the party on your belt.  It also comes with an easy snap on clip so that you can fit it on any belt.

It...Read More..

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Dictionary Hidden Book Safe

This English Dictionary Hidden Book Safe is cleverly disguised with a lockable safe inside it. Ideal for storing emergency cash and valuable jewelry.

Help keep your valuable items safe at home or while you travel. This book safe with...Read More..

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Rainbow Tactical Knife

With a black half-serrated blade this beautiful rainbow tactical knife is not only sturdy and durable but super sharp as well. It features a 3 ¼ inch stainless steel blade with an aluminium handle. The handle also has a bottle opener and a ...Read More..

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Beanie Bluetooth Headphone Speaker

This wireless beanie Bluetooth headphone speaker keeps your head warm and plays music for you at the same time. You can even answer phone calls and listen to music hands-free.

This beanie features premium doubl...Read More..

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Beardski Ski Mask

The Beardski ski mask is sure to offer cozy warmth even in the most extreme elements and snow. The neoprene woven thermal fleece lining is comfortable and accented with a beard to brag about! Each Beardski is on...Read More..

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Multi Tool Axe

This Multi Tool Axe is the mother of multi tools and a must-have for your next outdoor adventure. It features an axe, hammer, knife, saw, multiple blades, Phillips and flathead screwdriver, file, pliers, wire cutter, can opener and wrench. ...Read More..

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Bazooka Dog Ball Launcher

Don't just toss the ball to play with your dog, use a bazooka dog ball launcher to blast the ball for the ultimate fetch fun. Your dog will love this extreme fetch experience as the bazooka launches the ball for you so that you don't have t...Read More..

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Bacon Tie For Men

This bacon tie for men is a truly unique gift for guys who love to wear ties. Plus if he loves everything with a little bacon in it, then this is definitely the perfect tie for him. It's fun, its crazy and it looks delicious.

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Pocket Utility Tool

This handy pocket utility tool holds an incredible 20 tools in one. Imagine carrying twenty different tools in your pocket? Well, now you can with this cleverly designed all-in-one tool.

It includes quick release clip, bottle o...Read More..

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Mosquito Killer Light

Enjoy a bug free home with this Mosquito Killer Light. Safe for people, pets and babies this zapper has a special UV light which lures the insects from above into its silent fan where they stick to the super sticky glue boards at the base o...Read More..

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DJI Phantom Drone for GoPro

DJI Phantom Drone for GoPro is a quadcopter and remote transmitter pre-tuned by the factory and ready in minutes! Just charge the included battery, attach the propellers and landing gear, and add 4 AA batteries to the remote and you're flyi...Read More..

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Inflatable Solar Lantern

This extremely durable Inflatable Solar Lantern is completely powered by the sun, it's also collapsible, lightweight, fully waterproof and submersible. This lantern is great for the outdoors, for camping,...Read More..

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Double Cooler

Keep your drinks cool without getting watered down by ice with this Double Cooler. Fill the inside with ice and the outside with your drinks. You can also fill it with two different types of drinks and enjoy two totally different beverages....Read More..

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Collapsible Camping Survival Lantern

An excellent quality lantern that collapses to become easily portable and stored. Military grade, long lasting lantern that gives off bright LED lights.  Great for camping, outdoors and dark places that need some light. Include it in your e...Read More..

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Outdoor Mist Stand

This outdoor mist stand is the perfect gadget for cooling down on those hot summer days (and nights). Designed for use outdoors this mister can actually spray mist in two different directions and has a super simple set-up. Great for cooling...Read More..

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Turn Signal Cycling Gloves

A must-have for every cyclist, these turn signal cycling gloves allow you to signal to oncoming traffic while keeping your hands safely on the handlebars. It also allows you to signal to traffic behind you using the stand...Read More..

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