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Bracelet Buddy

The bracelet buddy helps you tie your bracelet by yourself without asking anyone to help you. Contains 1 piece bracelet buddy, Lends a helping hand who has difficulty putting on a bracelet with a clasp and Secures one end of your bracelet. ...Read More..

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Perfect Goatee Every Time

Use this Goateesaver template next time you shave and get a perfect goatee every time. This simple to use template gives you that, 'just been to the barber' look and feel. So simple to use, you adjust the template to your desired shape of g...Read More..

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Two Person Umbrella

No need for two separate umbrellas to walk with your loved one.  This two person umbrella covers both of you so you can comfortably walk in the rain together.  

Alice In Wonderland Scarf

Love the Mad Hatter and Alice in Wonderland? Now you can wear quotes from the book on this scarf and express your love for reading and creativity with your fashion.  

The scarf features many of the charac...Read More..

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Pride & Prejudice Scarf

A beautiful infinity scarf with a quote from Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice book. A great gift for mom and that special someone who loves to read and watch romantic dramas. Super soft modal blend, Raw edges. Measures: 62" (158 cm) inches...Read More..


Wallet Water Bottle

This water bottle has storage for your ID card and money for when you go to the gym, hiking or a jog in the park.  You don't have to carry too much with you when this water bottle can carry your necessary valuables for your convenience.  Read More..


Sunny Skies Umbrella

Have sunny skies all the time with this sunny skies umbrella.  No matter how rainy it gets outside, you can always see a beautiful blue sky.  

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Trojan Horse Secret Jewelry Box

Hand made secret jewelry box that looks like a beautiful accessory.  Only you can know that this beautiful hand crafted sculpture is actually a jewelry box.