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Buying unique gifts is not an easy task - especially for people who seem to have everything. Odd Gifts works around the clock to bring you hand picked list of the most unique and unusual gifts from around the web. Our unique gift ideas are guaranteed to inspire you to always buy only cool and exciting gifts.

M&M's Kid Safe Headphones

These Kid Safe Headphones feature controlled volume for safe listening. The foldable design makes transportation quick and easy, and the 4 colorful interchangeable caps keep your children entertained.

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Movie Projector by Benq Ms504 Dlp

Featuring a SVGA resolution, a brightness of 3000 ANSI lumens, a contrast ratio of 13000:1, and an unbelievable lamp life of up to 10,000 hours, the MS504 is the perfect projector choice for your everyday life. Whether its in business, educati...Read More..


Sunglass Camcorder

Why carry around a big camcorder when you can just walk and record your trips and adventurous activities? Wear these sunglasses to record and blend in with the locals instead of looking like a tourist. 

5.0 Megapixel

  • 1080p Fu...Read More..


  • Kindle Comfort Grip Elmo

    Fits Kindle Fire Snugly & Gives Device Security From Nicks, Scratches & Short Falls


  • made From Food Grade Silicone
  • Stylish Sesame Street Character Design
  • Elmo
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    Bluetooth Speaker With Lights and Rechargeable Battery (red)

    Lights dance to your tunes! Wirelessly connect via Bluetooth or wired via 3.5mm audio cable and keep your mobile device charged with the built-in USB port. The 2000mAh internal battery makes this speaker truly wireless and portable. Easy ac...Read More..


    Lime Screen Cleaner For Phone Desktop and Laptop

    Lime Mini Macaron Screen Cleaner. The perfect phone accessory! Lift the Macamini cover off and gently wipe out fingerprints and dust on your screen! Pull the string toward you to remove the ring and replace the microfiber cloth if needed. T...Read More..


    Earphone Cord Wrap Clip Set

    This set of three designer earphone clips do more than add a splash of fashion to your headphones: they keep the cord tangle-free and just the right length! Shake it up with the three different pieces to add som...Read More..


    Hands-free Kit Parrot Minikit Neo 2 Hd

    Avoid getting a ticket and keep from getting distracted while driving with this hands free device.  Take your calls with ease in the car without having to reach for your phone.  

    Optimized Sound Quality & Calls In HD Voice

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    Weather & Projection Alarm Clock

    Simplify your morning or anytime routine by using this incredibly smart alarm and weather clock.  It projects the time on the ceiling for your convenience, just open your eyes and there it is.  Check the weather before you reach for your ph...Read More..


    Smartstart With Gps Tracking For Your Car

    This device will help you start your car engine remotely and track your vehicle at all times.  Best of all, you can now sync it to your smartphone to track everything from your pocket.  Now you can have security and a peace of mind at your ...Read More..


    Remote Engine Start & Keyless-entry

    Save extra time by using this amazing keyless engine start remote.  This remote is especially helpful in the winter time and during any cold weather.  You can start your car and warm it up for you to optimum comfort level before you get in....Read More..


    Your Turn Shot Spinner Game

    This is the best adult party game ever! This shot spinner is sure to be the hit of your next party. It comes with a shot glass; fill it, spin it, and have a great time!
    Includes shot glass.
    Hand wash only.

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    BBQ Branding Iron by Jim Beam

    Impress your backyard BBQ guests by branding your meat.  Everyone is sure to talk about your professionalism as you serve branded meat.  It will also make an excellent gift for any friend or family member who loves to BBQ.  


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    Multicolored Teardrop Art Sculpture

    This blue, green and gold infused contemporary sculpture is sure to bring beauty and excitement to your home.  Its abstract shape and radiant colors draw in the eyes.  It is the perfect focal point to add color to any neutral setting.

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    Unique Royal Blue Art Glass Vase

    This beautiful blue vase will add elegance and interest to any room.   You can also add flowers to this vase for a more grand centerpiece. For decorative purposes only.

    Individually hand-crafted glass for its unique beauty.

    ...Read More..


    Fun Zen Garden Kit

    Have fun with your personal little Zen garden.  This private tabletop box contains every essential - sand, rocks, candleholder and rake— to create a serenely scenic escape from the everyday.

    Weight 1.5 lbs.

    Sand, rocks, ...Read More..


    Minimalist Table Top Christmas Tree Decoration

    This beautiful tabletop Christmas tree is an excellent Christmas gift.  Rustic wire branches stretch out to support a festive collection of classic round ornaments. Topped off with a bright red satin-finish bow, this is the ultimate decoration...Read More..


    Trendy Modern Eiffel Tower Bookends

    A great gift for a book lover.  The world's most fashionable city's iconic landmark the Eiffel Tower can now hold your books in place.  Created from black metal wire and set on a metal base that’s backed with flat anchors to keep them in place...Read More..


    Rustic Knotted Seaside Cabin Candle Lantern

    Anyone who loves the rustic, eclectic and contemporary look would love this knotted lantern.  It stands out from all other candle holders with it's original design.  It works well with other rustic elements as well as mixed and matched with...Read More..


    Modern Floating Bottle Holder

    This is a beautifully crafted wine bottle holder designed to impress any gift recipient.  It defies the laws of gravity with it's scientifically engineered curved shape as it counter balances to keep the wine afloat. It's magic to the eye o...Read More..