5 Unique Bow Ties for Men

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Unique Bow Ties for Men

You know those days when you want to make a statement? Those are the days you want to show your personality through the little details and highlight a bit of character by wandering off the beaten path.

Bow ties, like standard neckties, are a great option to show off what makes you you without going overboard.

Here are five of our favorite unique bow ties for men, with a little something for every occasion.

1. Fox Bow Tie

Sometimes you want something eye-catching, yet soft and charming.

If you’re a fan of woodland creatures, we recommend this fox bow tie by Bow Tie House. It’s 100% gabardine with a charming pattern of red foxes against deep teal, measuring in at 4.33 inches long by 2.36 inches wide.

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2. Night Sky Bow Tie

If you prefer to look up at the stars, bring a bit of the night sky with you by wearing this night sky bow tie. Also by Bow Tie House, it’s 100% gabardine and patterned with moons and stars, an understated but endearing departure from the typical galaxy bow tie.

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3. Vintage Art Bow Tie

If you want a bow tie to really emphasize your originality, why not reach for more unusual materials?

Bow Tie House makes a cheeky and charming wooden bow tie. We’re partial to the Eiffel Tower pattern, which offers a bit of Parisian flair with a dash of cleverness.

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4. Red Velvet Bow Tie

If you’re dressing up for the holidays, we’re in love with this rich red velvet bow tie by Aisa, polished off by an extra special touch—a gold stag.

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5. Classic Silk Bow Tie

Or, if you want a tie that’s just plain beautiful, invest in this Waterborne Six silk bow tie. It comes in an abstract pattern of royal blue and rust red fit for a gallery painting (or a night out at an art museum with someone you want to impress).

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Still trying to find some stylish unique bow ties?

The key to finding unique bow ties is knowing the type of statement you want to make. Are you fun and carefree? Sophisticated? Tongue-in-cheek?

There’s always a bow tie to suit every personality and occasion. We hope our fine selection of unique bow ties helped you narrow down your search and inspired you to find the bow tie you're looking for.

If not, you can also head back to our site for more odd gift inspiration.

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