9 Crazy Home Decor Items That Are Actually Stunning

9 Crazy Home Decor Items That Are Actually Stunning

These 9 stunning home decor gift ideas are sure to surprise anyone who receives them. Or get them for yourself, they are sure to turn any guest's head the next time you have people over.


This octopus lantern has to be seen to be believed. Featuring intricate details on its face and tentacles, the doors on the lantern open for you to put tealight candles inside them. A beautiful and amazing centrepiece that adds a little light to a dark corner of any room. More details HERE

Octopus Lantern



These anatomy coasters are too much fun to pass by. The coasters feature images of different human body parts printed on the front of them. A fun novelty item to serve your drinks on next time guests drop by. More details HERE

Anatomy Coasters 


This dazzling blue titanium crystal cluster starts out as a natural quartz cluster and undergoes a process where a layer of titanium is fused to the surface of the quartz. This results in a permanent coloring of the surface creating a brilliant effect that can be seen in the picture. More details HERE

Blue Titanium Crystal Cluster



The cloud toilet paper roll holder makes a fun and interesting statement without being silly. If you have very little storage space in your bathroom this is the perfect solution to store those extra rolls. Not only does it look amazing but it's super functional as well. More details HERE

Cloud Toilet Paper Roll Holder



Dumpling night lights are the cutest night lights ever made. Super adorable, these lights feature many different light modes and colors. Not just for kids, these lights look great anywhere around the home and are made from a super-soft squishy silicone material, making them realistic enough to eat (almost). More details HERE

Dumpling Night Lights



Absolutely mesmerizing, this jellyfish LED aquarium mood light is so fascinating its hard to look away from it. The lamp creates a beautiful, tranquil, soothing sea-like atmosphere right in your home. Amazing gift for anyone who loves the ocean or simply wants to make a unique design statement in their home. More details HERE

Jellyfish LED Aquarium Mood Light



This melting clock will make you feel like you've just stepped into Wonderland with Alice. This optical illusion clock features Roman numerals on its face and makes it look like time is literally melting away. More details HERE

Melting Clock



Bring the outdoors indoors with these pebble pillows. These pillows look exactly like real rocks but feel super soft and cuddly. Perfect for any room but especially great for kids. More details HERE

Pebble Pillows



These shipping container tissue boxes look exactly like miniature versions of those gigantic shipping containers. Fun, sturdy and unique, these boxes look fantastic and unique in any room. More details HERE

Shipping Container Tissue Boxes

We hope you enjoyed this list of 9 crazy home decor gift ideas. Be sure to check out our other posts and our store featuring unique gift ideas everyone would love. You'll wonder how you ever lived without them. Explore our shop HERE

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