6 Amazing Gift Ideas For Your Pet

6 Amazing Gift Ideas For Your Pet

When it comes to our pets we think of them more as a family member rather than 'just' a pet. So when it comes to their well-being we want the best that they deserve. We road-tested a ton of pet products and narrowed it down to 6 of our favorites.


This handy little cat shaped doorway allows your kitty to easily pass through closed doors. The Kitty Pass has a smooth wide opening so your cat can safely and easily pass through any door without getting their fluffy little tails snagged or caught. Plus installation is a breeze in 15 minutes with no screws or nails.












This Automatic Ball Launcher is the perfect gift for your K9 friend. The launcher automatically tosses the ball for your doggo to fetch as long as he or she wants to play, even hours. So if you're feeling extra lazy and not in the mood for fetch, (and lets face it, we all have those days) then let this nifty gadget take over and play fetch on your behalf.












Designed to look like a DJ's turntable this Cat Scratch Turntable is the perfect companion for your cat's little nails. Super easy to assemble, it comes with a spinnable deck and posable arm for your cat to run rampant with. Save your couch and amuse yourself with this must-have kitty toy.












If your fish are tired of their standard round fish bowl, how about an upgrade to a Fish Hotel? These little cubes are stackable which means you can pile one on top of the other to make an entire apartment complex if you feel inclined. Just make sure to reserve the top floor for your favorite fish since they will be the ones with the best view.












This LED Flashing Dog Collar not only looks good but may also save your dog's life as well. These collars come in a huge variety of colors and sizes to fit any dog no matter their size. Don't risk your doggo not being seen while out walking at night, attach one of these collars and keep them safe.












OK, so technically this isn't a gift for pets, but it can certainly help save a variety of different animals and critters. This Animal Saving Escape Ramp is designed to attach to your swimming pool which then allows any animal that has fallen in to save themselves from potentially drowning. 

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