Visual Fishing Rod

  • $459.78

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Cast and watch where the fish are underwater.  Make your fishing trip a lot more interesting with this fishing rod that gives you a visual of the fish underwater.  

  • Inspection Camera with 4.3 inch Color Monitor on your next trip.
  • This underwater fishing and inspection camera comes with a completely waterproof IR camera that penetrates the dingy water and finds fish where they hide. Everything the camera sees will then display on the 3.5 inch crystal clear color monitor. You will see clearly what's down there and fish at the right water!
  • This product includes an underwater camera (with night vision), monitors (with sun shield), Fishing rod, fishing line, fish wheels, the battery compartment.
  • You can see how the fish is hooked, experienced the excited moment when the fish biting and know when to switch bait based on the type of fish.  Eliminate boring waiting time.  Children will love going fishing with you and It is a good science tutorials.