Turkey Beer Can Stand

  • $21.12

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If you are tired of eating dry and boring turkey every Thanksgiving and Holiday season, you need this amazing roaster.  This uniquely designed poultry roaster comes with a one of a kind beer holding slot that fits inside the turkey to infuse flavorful moisture inside  Your Turkey will be cooked to perfection as the beer and aromatic juices vaporize and become one with the turkey.  Create your own sauce with alcohol and taste the explosion of flavor when it’s cooked.  

The Turkey Cannon can be used inside your grill or in your oven to hold the turkey suspended perfectly in order to fully cook through.  Your turkey will cook faster, moister and be very flavorful.  This is a great gift for your family and friends to make a perfect turkey every year and keep thanking you for introducing them to this amazing device.  Don’t settle for boring turkey, always enjoy a juicy and tasty feast with the Turkey Cannon. 

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