Self Balanced Unicycle

  • $1,437.48

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Roll on down on a single wheel with this Self Balancing Unicycle! Whether you’re cycling through the neighborhood for fun or traveling to work in the city - the self balanced unicycle is the best tool for the task. This is a fully-loaded vehicle that  cycles at a pretty fast 12+ miles per hour. With a rechargeable electric motor and gyro stabilizer, riding the unicycle is a breeze when compared to an ordinary unicycle or even a bike, except it is a lot of fun!

Tires are made so you can safely manure past congested traffic before going up the sidewalk. When you push the unicycle to its limits, the built-in computerized system automatically glides it back to keep you safely on the seat, as well as simultaneously recovers some of the energy lost in deceleration. And once you have reached your destination, it folds up for great flexibility. This thing is pricey, but it is fun.

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