P3 Folding Greenhouse

  • $36.25

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Make growing easy for the gardeningnovice on a budget with the umbrellastarter greenhouse. The greenhouseenvironment is the ideal way to keep yoursmall garden green. Now, your plants canbloom earlier with a head start on theSpring and Summer months and you cangarden year-round! Our starter greenhouseis easy to ventilate on hot days by eitherpartially or completely unzipping the frontand rear panelsThis Greenhouse is portable andfrost-resistant to meet all of yourgardening needs year-round -- can beused inside or outside. Its unique,umbrella-inspired design protects andpreserves plants when they're at theirmost susceptible to damage, providing youwith the perfect environment to help thembe their best. The starter greenhouse iseasy to assemble and includes an easy toopen zip-front cover.

Fast, Easy Assembly

  • Ideal For Patios, Decks & Balconies Of Any Size
  • Sleek, Umbrella Shaped Design
  • Protects Vulnerable Plants From Inclement Weather
  • Poly Cover With Easy Zipper Opening
  • Compact & Lightweight
  • Approx 25" wide and 36" high.