Offensive Business Cards

  • $26.97

If you have ever wanted to insult and run, this is the best way to do it.  These business cards deliver the perfect insults from poor parking to horrible body odor.  If you have ever had your parking spot stole, boxed in-between parked cars then you know that angry feeling of wanting to insult the owner of the vehicle.  These cards provide a safe and easy way to do just that, politely insult them without getting into a yelling and cursing war with each other.  Just quietly slip one on the car like an advertisement and quickly flee the scene, mission accomplished.  You can also give one as a fun conversation starter when you meet new people or hand one over instead of your phone number.  So many fun ways to use these awesome offensive business cards.  Excellent gift for someone with a great sense of humor.  The set comes with 100 business cards with 8 different templates and a card holder box for storage.

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