Magnetic Car Mount

  • $31.84

This Magnetic Car Mount and phone socket can be adhered directly to the back of most iPhones, Androids and hard smartphone cases. We picked a triple kit for best possible price. Works well with  your Phone, GPS, Tablet and even DVR! This unit is very different form others in that it has a much stronger magnet to keep your devices on safely. It features a pretty powerful neodymium magnet and silicon centered design allowing for a stronger grip and adjustable movement. The neodymium magnet is rated as one of the safest for use with smartphones and tablets. You could also attach your iPhone to the refrigerator door, any other metal-based shelve, cabinet, toolbox or even to the shopping cart handles! The kit ships with 3 Magnetic Phone Sockets, 3 Ball Mounts, 4 alcohol preparation pads and installation instructions.

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