Love Potion No. 9 Bitters

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Add some of this flavorful concoction to your evening drink and watch the flavors of your alcohol bloom into an aromatic potion for lovers.  This is the edge you need  for that romantic evening to go to the next level where you and your loved one can enjoy a flavorful cocktail and fall in love again.  Featuring 9 different floral flavors extracted from real flowers.This one is sexy and sweet with only a little bit of bitterness.  This bitter is glycerin based. The flavors are extracted from ingredients in 3 ways glycerin, alcohol, and water. Then the alcohol is removed before bottling. This allows it to give you a more concentrated and varied level of flavor than using only 1 extraction method. While there is little alcohol to carry aromas out of the bottle when you smell, once you add it to an alcoholic beverage it blooms and all the aroma emerges.  

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