Kendal Head Massager

  • $141.90

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This electric head massager has a futuristic modern look that would make you look like a hipster alien. Having said that, do not underestimate its powers to leave you with an amazing relaxation head massage. Most massagers on the market are either for your back or your feet; in contrast this is the only advanced high quality device that massages your head, neck and eyes. It runs on a lithium battery and comes with its own music and glasses for the perfect visuals during the massage session. With its point massage and smart air pressure, the multi frequency magnetic field has infrared heating, vibration and soothing music which can be downloaded of course.

This unit is the ultimate in relaxation experience available for purchase. The magnetic field stimulates the pressure points to improve mental function and reduce stress. The heat compression system and the melodic experience guarantees muscle relaxation and pleasure.


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