iPhone Multi Tool Case

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This iPhone multi tool case is basically the Swiss army knife of iPhone covers, bumpers and cases. We also had to pick one that is thin and modern cool looking without of course compromising the functionality of the survival multi tool. The multitool iphone case comes equipped with many essential tools all within the case itself. It has a tooth pick, a pair of scissors, tweezers, nail filer, a set of screw drivers, a couple of actual pens and it has an iphone stand to top it off. Maybe this is not a survival tool to replace your bug out kit, but you could use it on your day to day activities, considering that this thing is in your pocket all the time. The case is compatible with the iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6s and they may even start rolling out some for Android phones. We have included a video for your convenience, check out the multi tool case in action below.

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