Cubelets Robot Kit

  • $626.95

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This is the latest New Cubelets Robot 20 Pack! The Cubelets Robotic kit comes with 20 magnetic robo-blocks that click together to make an awesome and massive variety of robots with no wiring and computer programming necessary. If you are tired of boring and ridiculous gifts, this is a true one of a kind that is guaranteed to be the best gift your recipient (or you?) has ever received.

With the Cubelets 20 Kit you can easily build robots that whiz around on a desk or a table, that are responsive to light and objects and roadblocks. The robot has a very cool real life feel to it and is made of very high quality. It is of no surprise that the Cubelets are the industry leader and the most advanced player in this industry. Instead of programming or wasting time on defining the robot's behavior, you simply attache the Cubelets together and watch the robot emerge like a swarm of bees. Every single Cubelet is equipped a small computer inside of it and is a robot in and of itself. Together these cuvelets create a completely new type of a behavior depending on who puts them together.  It is like a robot that is made our of many other smaller robots. Each Cubelet communicates with nearly robot cubelets; whenever at least two robot cubelets are near each other - they talk!


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