Cellphone Emergency Battery Charger

  • $30.24

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If you ever find yourself in the uncomfortable position of having your power go out or you get stranded in the middle of nowhere don't panic, you can have extra phone battery with this little device.   Even if you need a quick charge for your phone, you can use this device to instantly give you extra battery life.  RAVPower is an extremely powerful portable charger external battery pack that can power up all your smart phone and smart devices.  

It has the Highest output in the market, featuring a 4.5A total output capable of simultaneously charging 2 tablets.  It also has a huge capacity, about 13000 mAh.  It charges and an iPhone 6 almost 5 times faster, a Galaxy S6 over 3 times faster or an iPad Air almost immediately. Safely recharges with a 2 amp or higher output charger (most phone chargers have only 1 amp).

It comes in a sleek modern ebony color and beautiful finish to look stylish and sexy.  It also has a built in flash light so that you can easily find your cable and phones to hook up.  This is a great gift for everyone as they can always use extra battery life.  Sometimes you just want more battery life to last you throughout the entire exciting day.  With so many social apps taking up all your battery power, this extra battery on the go is a must have.  Just throw it in your purse or pocket and it will have you covered.  

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