Bug Vacuum

  • $26.42

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Get rid of bugs in the house with this convenient bug vacuum.  Just point and suck those little annoying critters.  No more squashing.  Just catch and release outside.  It even has an LED light for night time use.

BUG AND INSECT VACUUM: **Upgraded Version with Added Vacuum Power (From 2200cps to 2800cps)**. Capture those scary looking spiders from a safe distance, you will not have to squish the bugs around your house with a tissue anymore, just aim and vac, and trap them in the bug vacuum pipe!

TERMINATE OR REALEASE INTO NATURE: With this awesome bug vacuum, you can decide the fate of you catch, whether to flush into the toilet or let it go back the wild to live another day.

LED LIGHT FOR USE: This bug vacuum is equipped with a strong led light to catch the creepy night crawlers. Now no bug is safe.

PIPE PLUG & SHOTGUN SHAPE: This device is equipped with a pipe plug, so once you have made your catch you can plug the pipe keeping it trapped, until you have decided its fate. This device looks like a small shotgun meant for hunting roaches

BRIEF INSTRUCTIONS: Connect the pipe to the vacuum handle, connect **BRAND NEW** 9V battery (not included) and close battery door, connect the suck booster, and now you just have to take aim and press the vacuum button. **AIM AT A 45° ANGEL FOR STRONGEST VACUUM PULL**