Smart Carry-On Luggage

  • $422.29

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The Bluesmart carry-on is a suitcase that connects wirelessly to your smartphone so that you can remotely locate it, lock it, and even weigh it. The mobile app lets you see all your data and travel history in one place. A built-in battery lets you charge your phone up to six times so that you never have to crowd around an airport outlet again. Bluesmart is more than a suitcase, it´s your personal travel assistant.

Recharging Dock & Battery Charger

We know how important it is to have your phone charged at all times. That’s why we’ve included a super powerful battery that can charge your devices - whether it is your smartphone, tablet, or eBook - six times over!

Location Tracking

If you ever lose your Bluesmart or if it gets “re-routed” by an airline, you can use your suitcase's 3G + GPS capabilities to track its location. With this feature, we provide global coverage at no additional cost to you.

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