Beer Bottle Cooler

  • $14.24

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Beer bottle chiller instantly cools down your beer and keeps it colder. With this unique beer cooler, you'll never have a warm beer again, so even after taking it out of the fridge and taking a few sips, your beer will be colder. Cool Beer Bottle coolers are one of the most convenient and effective option for having and keeping a cold beer very quickly. It cools down your beer while allowing you to drink it at the same time.

You would simply keep your beer bottle cooler in the freezer and when you need one, grab it and place it inside of your beer bottle. This is a perfect gift to bring for events, parties or meetings. We were also very please with the results of our testing as this is made of high quality stainless steel, very easy to clean and is eco-friendly and of course BPA-Free.

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