Beef Jerky Dehydrator

  • $32.47

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Make your own beef jerky with this jerky dehydrating kit and gun.  Just add the spices that it comes with to your ground beef or thinly sliced beef and let them dry on the racks.  Don't get stuck with buying expensive gas station beef jerky, make your own as often as you like with a fraction of the cost.  Your jerky will taste fresh and delicious with out any additional preservatives or chemicals that are used for packaging and long term storage.   It comes with 4 13-1/2-inch-wide drying trays.  Serve your guests with your own delicious jerky recipes from smoky to spicy to sweet and sour.  You can play with many different variations of spices to give an extra kick to your beef jerky.  You can make some to sell or to hand out as gifts.  You can even make fruit roll ups with these trays and different gun attachments.  It makes a great Christmas gift that your friends and family will love.  

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