Valentine Gifts

Finding unique Valentine's Day Gifts may sound simple but is not easy. People are tired of giving and receiving the same old boring and cheesy valentine gifts. This is exactly where Odd Gifts comes in by helping you find the most unusual and yet awesome gifts for your loved ones. Using our gift guides, you are guaranteed to find unique and exciting gift ideas that would make sure you never buy a cheesy Valentine's Day gift again.

Coca-Cola Evening Bag Clutch

Do you know someone who is a big Coca-Cola fan? Then they definitely need this officially licensed Coca-Cola Classic evening bag. This is a hard-shelled bag shaped just like a real can of Coke, and is covered with m...Read More..

$35.99 Check It Out!

Map Paper Flower Bouquet

This hand made bouquet is the ultimate sentimental flower bouquet you can ever give to a loved one.  Express your feeling of love and affection with a bouquet made out of geographical locations of desired destinations and memorable places.  Th...Read More..


Couples Love Mugs

Catch my love couples mug features a his and hers mug.  He holds the net to catch her love.  This mug set is a beautiful gift for a loved one you care deeply about.  It expresses feelings of love and care in a poetic and romantic image of a bo...Read More..


Nude Art Mug

Watch their clothes disappear as you pour in your hot coffee or tea.  Some of the iconic images from famous art is depicted on this mug and now you can dress and undress them with humor and a little bit of hot water.  This mug will get everyon...Read More..


Light Up Engagement Ring Box

Shine a bright light on your engagement ring with this gift box that has a built in LED light.  The little flashlight illuminates the prized possession so that you can deliver your message in style.  It will make any ring look extravagant and ...Read More..


Giant Man Chocolate

The only man you will need this Valentine's day is this handsome, ripped, sweet and decadently rich chocolate man.  He is bigger than all the other chocolates at a whopping 10 and 1/2 inches in length, there is no question he is the man for yo...Read More..


Anatomical Heart Necklace

Give your heart to your special someone this Valentine's Day and let them know how much affection you have towards them.  This beautiful anatomical heart necklace will tell them you love the.  Now your loved one can have a part of your heart w...Read More..


I'm Huuuuge Condom

Who can resist the charm of the Donald?  These condoms are "tremendous" and built like a wall to keep out all those "nasty" STDs and unwanted pregnancies 99% of the time.  These condoms will help you seal the deal in the art of negotiating for...Read More..


Heart Shaped Umbrella

There is nothing more romantic than walking in the rain with your special someone.  Now you can show your affection to each other as you sing and dance under the rain with this beautiful heart shaped umbrella.  Gift this to your loved ones and...Read More..


Chocolate Mud Face Mask

Rejuvenate and refresh your face and your skin with chocolate.  This mask will soften and revitalize your skin every time you use it.  This mask is 98% natural, and like all FarmHouse Fresh products, it is Paraben and Sulfate Free.  It w...Read More..


DJ Khaled Valentine Card

Bring magic of DJ Khaled and is motivational speeches to your special someone.  DJ Khaled will charm his way into your heart with this complementing Khaled style Valentine's Day card.  Let they DJ Khaled tell you how special you are and how he...Read More..


Giant Stuffed Rose

Why give a dozen roses when you can give a giant fluffy stuffed rose.  It's fun and unique and no one else will think of it besides you.  This oversized stuffed rose will definitely get your point across about how much you care for and love th...Read More..


Cute Valentine's Teddy Bear

Give her a classy gift with lots of attitude and personality when you give her this cute and cuddly teddy bear.  He says it like it is and he is as real as it gets.  This cute little teddy is sure to bring smiles to anyone's face who receives ...Read More..


Astronaut Ice Cream

Feel like your are floating in zero gravity in space when you indulge in this delicious freeze dried ice cream.  You will feel like you are on a mission to mars when you try this ice cream. It is packaged and made for astronauts but you can en...Read More..


Funny Valentine's Day Card

This cereal killer, stalker card is the perfect way to tell him or her how much you love them.  Sure, it will freak them out a little but then they will realize how deeply you love them and care for them.  The inside reads; hot as ...Read More..


MOM Coloring Book

A gift for mom to wind down and relax with this beautiful coloring book full of exquisite patterns.  Let her know how much you appreciate her by treating her to this therapeutic adult coloring book.  This book is specifically designed for adul...Read More..


Lick Me Till Ice Cream Card

Give your Valentine a funny card this year and their hearts will melt for you.  This hilarious card reads: LICK ME TILL ICE CREAM and the inside says: You make me melt. Happy Valentine's Day.  This is printed on thick, bright, recycled p...Read More..


Bullet Shell Earrings

Be bold and strong and show off your unique character with these fun bullet earrings.  Support the second amendment with style.  These awesome earrings are eco friendly up-cycled real bullet casings.  They are a unique and unusual gift for her...Read More..


Happy Fucking Valentine's Day

This is by far the best Valentine's Day card ever.  If well definitely get their attention and give them a good laugh.  Let your fun personality shine with this funny card that reads Happy Fucking Valentine's Day.  Inside the card reads; "I f*...Read More..


Eat Your Heart Out Pasta

Make her a delicious heartwarming pasta dinner this Valentine's day.  Indulge in comfort food with love with these beautifully crafted heart shaped pasta pieces.  You can't help be smile when you eat these tasty hearts.  Each package has a com...Read More..